can't used full ram capacity

  Rebel Crapieo 18:41 03 Jun 2018

I have gigabyte GA-h110 ds2v ddr3 rev 1.0 mainboard Intel Pentium g4560 3.30Ghz 7th generation processor No graphics card Ram 2GB 1333GHz and my power supply box is local (no brand)

i have Ram 2GB 1333GHz but showed me only 1.89 usable.

Problem is computer is slow and when i open few more tab in any internet browser and when changing tab it become slow. in the other hand when open my drive disk it work like slow.i can't open two software together.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 03 Jun 2018

If you are trying to run windows 10 on only 2G of RAM it will be slow.

  Menzie 19:40 03 Jun 2018

With no video card you won't have all memory as some has to be used for the onboard graphics.

That motherboard supports up to 32GB of memory. If you want Windows to perform well get more RAM installed.

  wee eddie 21:21 03 Jun 2018

Go to Crucial's Website to use their Checking Software to find out what RAM you can fit.

  Rebel Crapieo 16:46 04 Jun 2018

So that mean if i will install more ram it will be better first.

Any body have any idea about how much capacity ram i should install? and any preferable brand?

thanks to all for help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 04 Jun 2018

If you have windows 32bit then the max it can use is 4G the rest would be wasted

if you have 64bit windows then it can access it all.

You would need to look at cost but would think that win 10 with 8G RAM would be the sweet spot.

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