Can't Seem To Boot From DVD

  s99Raj 20:40 05 Nov 2013

I have a brand new PB iMedia S2185 on which I have Windows 8. I don't like it and want to format the hard drive and install Windows 7 but can't get it to load from DVD.

I've gone to the BIOS settings and chagned the boot order so that the DVD is first. There's also an option to press F12 to display the boot menu. The problem is only one option appears in the boot menu, and it's labelled "Windows Boot Manager". I can't get it to boot from DVD.

Any ideas please?

  rabbit1234 10:37 05 Jan 2014

Are you still looking for a solution re above or are you now sorted?

  s99Raj 11:05 05 Jan 2014

All sorted, thanks.

  philipp.monnin 12:16 15 Feb 2014

What was the solution? I have the same problem -.- want to formate everything and install windows 7... But i can't boot from dvd :(

  BRYNIT 14:28 15 Feb 2014


From the PB web site. Press F12 when booting the PB computer allow you to select where to boot from, this will work on most PB computers. If this does not work you will need to go into the bios and change the boot order.

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