Can't see pics on dvd-rw after doing check disk

  mar333 01:05 13 Nov 2014

Hello, I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista. I was about to copy some pics from a dvd-rw to an external drive. When I inserted the dvd-rw, I was asked in a windows box to scan the disk: "Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". I did so but now I can't access the pics on the disk. It looks like empty when I double click it. However, when I right click it and go to properties, it shows that the disk is almost full (on the pie chart).

Can anyone help please??? this is the only back up I had of my daughter pics as my hard drive was damaged and lost all the info. I was trying to back up the pics on this dvd-rw on to an external drive and my new hard drive when this happened. Many thanks.

  lotvic 11:25 13 Nov 2014

Having read of others with same type of problem, and the advice given in the links below, you will have to try some pic recovery program(s)

click here

click here

You could try a few of the other free ones, there's TestDisk and CampicRestor is brilliant if anyone knows where to download it from (It's only about 1MB, I've got a copy on my old harddrive but can't find a website where to download it from now).

  lotvic 11:29 13 Nov 2014

Just had another thought, as it's Vista, try turning off UAC and also in Folders options choose 'Show hidden files and folders'. and also use the 'run as Administrator' option.

  rdave13 16:38 13 Nov 2014

lotvic , Campic restore direct download link ( with spaces).

http: //www .

  lotvic 17:50 13 Nov 2014

rdave13, thanks for that, have just downloaded it onto this pc :) (and made a note of the direct download link)

mar333, After install it doesn't do anything until you choose to run it, see the posts on this other thread from 2009 click here

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