Can't Secure Erase my Samsung 850 Pro. Need Help!

  Komirai 19:20 18 May 2018

I can't secure erase my SSD at all anymore. Before, no problem but this time I can't do it because whenever I use my software from Samsung, I use the Bootable USB, then go through all the way to erase section for it to say in the end that it isn't supported. So, I thought I would try what worked last time, which was from my Motherboard ROG 5 Extreme Rampage, but now that is saying NOT SUPPORTED. So, after much consideration, decided to use Parted Magic, but again the same thing. Surely my SSD should be at least supported on ONE of them.

After much research it came up saying it could be the fact that I have Encrypted Data Enabled (which I never did), but I have no idea how to turn this off. This is the screen for the Data Encryption:

I'm lost in what to do so I'm asking around. So far I've been told to use DBAN on my SSD for like a minute or so, but according to a lot of places that's very bad for an SSD as it can ruin it.

  Komirai 19:21 18 May 2018

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