Can't open Videos System Folder on Windows 8 - crashing.

  bear73 11:37 02 Oct 2014


Today I connected my camera to my desktop and copied over some photos and one short video file to my pc. I dragged one short video file to the Videos folder, which it copied (or it looked liked it did) and then I clicked on the Videos folder to see it had copied over OK. I was immediately crashed back to the desktop. I tried a couple of times, same thing. I've tried restarting pc and rebooting but still crashes every time I click on the Videos folder. I then plugged my external hard drive to the desktop pc and tried to open the Videos file I had backed up on there, same thing happens. It lets me open Documents, Pictures etc on my pc and from my external hard drive on the pc but Video just crashes.

I plugged the external hard drive into a netbook and all the Video files are there and it lets me open and play them without problem (I'm now backing these up to my netbook just in case).

On my desktop I then tried copying the whole Video folder into my Pictures folder and it proceeded to copy all the files over. I can see them all in the Videos folder within Pictures but it lets me play some and not others, also if I try to move to a list view instead of thumbnails it crashes me out to desktop again.

I've never experienced this before and it's a relatively new pc. It seems the file I was trying to copy from my camera didn't actually copy over as this didn't show when I copied all the files from Video to Pictures.

I've run a Malware and Anti virus scan on the Videos folder but its all clear.

Any ideas?

My PC is a HP Pavillion 23 all in one, running windows 8.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 02 Oct 2014

the file has become corrupted

only thing you can do is try booting in safemode and see if you can open the folder and delete the file, if not you may have to delete the videos folder and recreate it.

  bear73 14:05 06 Oct 2014


I went into safe mode and tried to access the Videos System folder and got this error message. Comes up every time I try to open the folder (does not happen when not in safe mode)

explorer.exe - Application Error

The exception Integer division by zero.

(0xc0000094) occured in the application at location 0xb2ffed0f.

Click OK to terminate the program.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 06 Oct 2014
  bear73 11:59 07 Oct 2014

I've found a solution from an old forum thread elsewhere. It was to do with the KB2975719 update. Removed it and all now works fine. Seems it was a known issue.


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