Cant open Cs:go after running pc for some time

  Giorgi Japaridze 14:16 05 Dec 2016

So basically when I launch pc I can go into steam and start cs:go no problem but after I spend some time at pc and play some games when I try to open cs it opens shows black screen and closes again. I tried to force it to open in windowed mode from launch options and it worked. (I can change it to full screen after in the game settings) So im trying to find what the problem is. Im running latest version of windows 10 Specs: Gtx 1070, i5 6600k, 16 gb ram. Thanks in advance

  Archonar 16:11 05 Dec 2016

Just to make sure - do you have your graphics drivers updated to the latest version? Always a good check before we go into anything else.

  Giorgi Japaridze 18:07 05 Dec 2016

it was on old driver when windows updated it automatically and was doing the same thing so I updated it to the latest version and the problem is still here. I didn't use DDU tho I just updated from geforce experience

  Archonar 13:45 06 Dec 2016

Does the same thing happen with other games or is it just CS:GO?

  Giorgi Japaridze 19:37 06 Dec 2016

Ive tested quite a few and it only happens with cs:go. but Ive had some crashes in other games and some millisecond freezes here and there

  Archonar 20:18 06 Dec 2016

You shouldn't be getting crashes / freezes regularly with those specs so that suggests something is wrong with all games rather than just CS:GO. Maybe try using the Nvidia Driver Installer (Not Experience) to reinstall the drivers, but do a 'clean install'. I believe you have to choose a custom install and there is an option to do the clean install. This will remove the old drivers and install completely new ones rather than just updating them.

  Giorgi Japaridze 22:17 06 Dec 2016

Nvidia driver installer as in download the driver straight from the nvidia site or?

  Archonar 15:54 07 Dec 2016

Yeah the download from the nvidia website

  Giorgi Japaridze 11:44 09 Dec 2016

I did a clean driver install and it still does the same thing

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