Can't open apps which ask for admin access.

  Lachlan MacKenzie 17:43 16 Dec 2015

This morning I tried to update my driver (Geforce GTX 780M), I tried doing this through their application (GEFORCE Experience). Shortly before the end of the update it crashed. This is when the horrors begin.

Before I get into it, I would like to precise I am on a mac runnig bootcamp, windows 8. Therefore I am not a windows expert and this is probably what created the problem in the first place.

So after it crashed I looked through my files, as i could see something weird was happening. I tried running an app and it quickly give the blue loading icon but then crashes or doesn't even open. i do not get any system message indicating what is wrong. So I assumed the driver was incorrectly installed as it crashed. So looking through my file I found a newer driver was installed and that this was probably creating the problem. My old driver (or version of GEFORCE which still was on my computer). I deleted the new broke version hoping this would fix my problem but i clearly hasn't. Additionally I tried looking into my User account control preferences, I did this because i realized programs like google chrome were still working. So maybe this is an issue with admin access as most apps i can't open ask for admin access. The problem is everything seems fine in the user account preferences ! Any help is greatly appreciated ! Thank you very much have a nice evening or day !

RECAP: Driver or Other problem ? Don't hesitate to ask for any unclear or ungivin information !

  RV510 09:42 17 Dec 2015

In your start menu open control panel and then user accounts and choose 'change your account type' then click the box or circle against 'administrator'. That should sort it out.

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