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Can't log into windows 10. Password forgotten!

  Empie2006 23:54 24 Apr 2016

My password expired. Went to log in.. put in new password still getting wrong password or username put in. I cannot use my laptop any longer! Please help me. I cannot even remember my PASSWORD TO EVEN change the password to enter into my laptop. I've tried for the past 2 hours!

  wee eddie 00:45 25 Apr 2016

Passwords don't expire. Sleep on it

  Empie2006 06:33 25 Apr 2016

Windows10. It expires every so often. It's annoying. I had it on a setting that, allows for this to happen which I couldn't even find to switch off! Now..whenever my laptop is asking for my 'old' password in order for me to make a NEW password to ENTER my laptop. I've tried every password I can think of and I'm sure it's correct, one of them.. but I can't log in at all to use my laptop. It doesn't get to go onto the desktop. Nothing. There must be a way to eradicate this bloody thing? How can I make another user account,? Or something. Help please.

  chub_tor 09:12 25 Apr 2016

Have you read this article from How To Geek? it describes all the legitimate ways to change your password,

  wee eddie 12:34 25 Apr 2016

So, toejams, when am I to expect my Windows 10 password to expire, and why?

I have seen no mention of this either here or anywhere else.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 25 Apr 2016

Right click Start - Command prompt (Admin) - type

net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited

press enter.

will stop local account passwords from expiring. logging in with MS account passwords don't expire.

  wee eddie 18:45 25 Apr 2016

That's not what the OP said.

Of course, if you have a Time/Use Limited Account, your password will expire, but that was not the question

  wee eddie 21:35 25 Apr 2016

Contracts expire. Your password is of course related to the contract. That's just the average illiterate nerd's way of putting it

  wee eddie 13:51 26 Apr 2016

I have been mugging up on this.

It seems to me that the Owner of a Windows machine can create a Guest Account that is "Time Limited". The Owner can lend the PC/Laptop to another, who will only have access to the "Time Limited" Guest Account. When that Account's time is up, they will have to return to the Owner to have that machine's Guest Account re-enabled, as they will not have the password to the Owner's Account.

  wee eddie 13:54 26 Apr 2016

Many apologies, toejams. My original response was incorrect.

  Empie2006 14:25 26 Apr 2016

To clarify. I had installed windows 10 from 8 a few months back with remote help via Microsoft helpline. They had to make 2 separate users accounts because it kept crashing. I am using the 2nd account that has been set up for me via the helpline. Each time I logged on before the PW LOCK, it kept saying, PW EXPIRING IN 3 DAYS, please change now. blah blah. But I didn't both until it was too late. Anyways I have now since, found my original PW to change it to a new one, as told to do so on my laptop. my question is now.. How do I STOP this expiry of PW change, every 2 months or so? I don't want to go through that again.

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