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Cant locate M: drive on Windows 10

  Emerson97 14:19 19 Oct 2016

Hello, I need to download a file to my M: drive but I cant find this drive on my laptop, would someone help me do this?

  matt2000 15:07 19 Oct 2016

Press Start and type "Disk Management", you'll see an option called "create and format hard disk partitions" appear at the top. Click this option.

You'll see a window called "Disk Management" appear - and you'll see multiple drives listed. If you can remember the rough size of the M drive look under the "capacity" column. When you see the drive that should be 'M' right click and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".

You'll see "add" and "change" buttons, press change and then find 'M' in the dropdown. OK all boxes and you should see the drive in My Computer as usual

  Secret-Squirrel 16:44 19 Oct 2016

Cant locate M: drive...............

That doesn't surprise me because very few computers have an M: drive.

I need to download a file to my M: drive.......

I've never heard of such a thing and I very much doubt that it has to be downloaded to a drive called M:. Why can't you download into your normal downloads folder?

By the way, I wouldn't recommend tinkering with your partitions and assigning a drive letter. That has the potential for disaster if you do it to a system or boot partition.

  Burn-it 16:54 19 Oct 2016

The drive letters assigned by Windows are purely transitory and can change on reboot. By convention the home drive that Windows boots from is called the "C" drive and other partitions/drives are allocated letters in sequence after that; so it is quite possible for external drives to be given a different letter depending on which port and when they are plugged in.

  matt2000 20:27 19 Oct 2016

If your device is an external hard drive which stays plugged into the PC, some external drives (including Seagate ones) will be unavailable at startup.

Firstly you should go to "My Computer" and type "M:\" into the address bar, if the drive loads up this issue is that the drive is hidden, and can be easily fixed.

Secondly your antivirus program could be blocking the drive, at startup or when plugged in you may see an antivirus pop-up asking to scan the disk - selecting yes and waiting will unblock the drive.

Thirdly, Seagate drives can "forget" the letter they are given and hide completely, so changing the letter can be tried from Disk Management as explained above - but do not modify drive C

  lotvic 23:27 19 Oct 2016

So the questions are:

Is/was M: drive a partition on your internal hard drive or is it an external hard drive plugged into laptop via usb port?

And if it's ext usb drive, did you switch it on and power it up before you switched on and booted up the laptop?

Can it be seen in 'This PC' or if not and it's lost its drive letter does the drive show up in 'Disk Management'?

As SS says: Why can't you download into your normal downloads folder? (and move the file later if you want to)

  BT 12:12 20 Oct 2016

I had a couple of 320gb ex-laptop drives which I put into Caddies for use as external drives. One of these worked on my Laptop but not on my XP desktop. The other worked on both. The one that wouldn't work on the XP machine showed up in Disk Management so I reassigned the drive letter and now it works Fine.

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