Cant install VISTA on 2 TB HD

  bren_carroll 20:15 08 Jan 2012

I have a Dell Dimension 9200, with 2 250GB SATA hard drives, Windows Vista Ultimate. I recently purchased a WD 2 TB hard drive. My plan was to fit the new hard drive and install vista, leaving my old installation intact, having the option to boot to my old installation if needed. The new drive was split 200GB for Vista, 200GB for progams, the rest for data. Vista installed no problem but when I installed SP1 it failed to reboot. I made a slipstream installation for SP1 with my Vista DVD. When I try the slipstream installation I get the following: "Setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware". I have used my Slipstream installation on a smaller HD (80GB) it worked and I was able to update to SP2. I have reformated the 2TB drive, tried several times to install with no luck. I am just about to give up on this. Thanks in advance for any help. BC

  difarn 08:31 09 Jan 2012

Blogs seem to suggest that you should restrict the C partition to 128g or whatever your bios limit is set at - look at this quote from a blog:-

"All systems have a limit as to how may GB the BIOS can address directly. 128 GB (meaning 137,438,953,472 bytes) is common for systems dating from a few years ago. If you install a larger hard drive and put Windows on that you will be fine until Windows writes something important beyond that 128 GB limit. After that your booting will be unpredictable, up to and including not being able to boot.

There are two workarounds. One (recommended) is to limit the operating system (C:) partition to 128 GB, or whatever your BIOS's limit is, and make one or more partitions out of the rest of your hard drive. (EaseUs Partition Manager is a great free tool for this.) This works because once booted, the BIOS has passed control to Windows"

There is also a second workaround to be considered:-

"Another workaround is to use what's usually called a disk management utility (but not to be confused with the "Disk Management" utility in Windows). Samsung has OnTrack, WD has Data Lifeguard, every HD manufacturer has one. They insert an extra "layer" into the boot process that allows your BIOS to address the full HD."

Maybe something to look at.

  bren_carroll 14:48 09 Jan 2012

thanks for your reply difarn, what you suggest about limiting the size of my windows partition makes sense. my original system had 2 250gb hd's both were split. i will make a smaller partition on the drive and see if that works. thanks again for your help.

  difarn 15:09 09 Jan 2012

Glad to help - hope it works!

  bren_carroll 22:46 09 Jan 2012

I have tried to install on a partition size 120gb it failed. I then reduced the partition to 100gb, it still wont install. Im not sure what to try next!

  difarn 06:01 10 Jan 2012

Can I clarify - are you saying that you now have two hard drives? One with your old Vista and the new one with Vista Ultimate?

If so have a look at this article - although it is about windows 7 and vista I believe it is relevant.

  bren_carroll 08:52 10 Jan 2012

I have two hard drives, one is my original with Vista Ultimate and the other in the WD 2TB which I cant install Vista Ultimate on.

  difarn 16:57 10 Jan 2012

Just came across this on the WD forum.

  bren_carroll 17:27 10 Jan 2012

thanks for your reply difarn, there is a lot to read through in those links, i will report back when i have any info.

  bren_carroll 20:19 10 Jan 2012

I have gone through all the links, but they seem to have trouble with format.

My system sees the drive ok and lists it. My drive formats ok and I can create partitions no problem. Its when I install Windows Vista I have the problem. It starts to install ok, after some time I get the message. "setup could not configure windows to run on this computers hardware".

I have a Maxtor 80gb HD, if I replace my new 2TB with this HD I can install Windows no no problem and I get the option to boot to this HD or my original HD when its finished installing.

  difarn 07:08 12 Jan 2012

Just as an add-on, support is being withdrawn for Vista on 10th April!

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