Can't get it to work

  Graham. 13:36 16 Jan 2009

I've followed Lifehacker's dual-boot instructions. When it boots from the disc, all I get is the Windows 7 desktop with no icons, just 'For testing purposes' at the bottom. I can move the mouse but there is nothing to click on, I have to turn off with the switch.

It's not taking me to the installation options.

  anskyber 14:14 16 Jan 2009

Try redownloading the file and making a fresh copy. You should get the same key to validate it.

  a member 15:36 16 Jan 2009

cntrl+alt+delete to get task manager look in processes see if explorer is running if it is highlight it and click on end task. also if its not .then go to applications and click new task , enter explorer and click ok .
I have known this empty desktop to happen with a freind in the past and this cured it ,it did not happen again.

  Graham. 23:56 16 Jan 2009

The problem seems to be burning the disc. I have downloaded ImgBurn, but however I choose to burn, it comes out as a UDF, not ISO.

Can someone lead me by the hand through burning, please?

  rossgolf 00:16 17 Jan 2009

why dont you just load the ISO using daemon and install it that way
it will save you a couple of DVDS and some hassle

this is after making your partition so you can dualboot

  Graham. 11:16 17 Jan 2009

OK, I've used Daemon and it works. It would seem the advice that you need to boot from a disc to dual boot is incorrect. I did it from Vista.

  rossgolf 16:00 18 Jan 2009

glad to help

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