Can't fix. What to do? (Windows 10)

  VictorFeddersen 11:59 02 Dec 2018

I've almost just factory reset my computer, because i felt like it was getting a bit slow. The reset took a long time, and i even had to manually turn off my computer because it would completely freeze doing the setup. I took a lot of attempts but finally i'd reset my computer. I began downloading programs like chrome, steam, hearthstone and Artifact. Suddenly steam said that there were some problems downloading artifact, so i wanted to reboot my pc, and so i did, but when i had reboot it asked for my keyboard (What type of keyboard i use, like english or danish). When i've clicked the keyboard option another menu appears, telling me to pick a setting where the two options are turn off your pc and the other is troubleshooting. First i tried to turn it off, and the on again, but that didn't work, so i clicked the troubleshooting menu where 6 new settings appeared.

Systemrecovery, system image recovery, startup repair, go back to previous build, command promt and Settings for UEFI- firmware.

I've tried all of these settings but nothing seems to help. When i use system recovery an error appears. When i use startup repair it tells me that theres nothing it can do to help. I've tried looking all over the internet for a fix but haven't found one. I don't care about my files, because as i stated, i've just factory reset my pc so there's nothing i want to save.I just want to be able to use my computer again.

I really hope that some of you can help me. Thanks

  rickf 15:22 02 Dec 2018

Given the complexity of the issues, I would reinstall Wins 10 from scratch.

  lotvic 16:19 02 Dec 2018

Go to Microsoft download Windows 10 click here to reinstall

  Zeeba 19:51 02 Dec 2018

I had a situation kind of like that. The system would just hang when I tried troubleshooting. All hard ware check found no problems. Apparently my hard drive was dying switched hard drives installed a new copy of windows no problems after that.

If you have a different hard drive try it format it and start afresh Its extreme but worked for me

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