Can't eject a disk that's not really there

  asmodai72 17:10 28 Dec 2016

There's no disk in my external CD drive, when I view the drive in the explore folder it says there's a disk currently in there. I can't seem to get it to eject. I tried to uninstall the device, and then reinstall but it continues to have this certain disk in there. How can I fore eject a CD that's not really in there?

  Bazzaman 17:28 28 Dec 2016

Maybe the CD drive is faulty and it is the actual drive that is reporting it has a disk in place.

Have you tried putting a CD (preferably a guff one) into the drive and taking it out again? Maybe that will reset things.

  asmodai72 17:51 28 Dec 2016

Thank you, yes I have tried that. Would you know the command to eject a CD from the command prompt? But I am thinking it's faulty :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 28 Dec 2016

What happens if you right click the cd drive and select Eject from the menu?

  mole44 05:00 30 Dec 2016

Go to Device manager uninstall the drivers for it and restart the machine and see if that fixes it

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