Can't delete a folder on my desktop

  Just want my desktop back 18:41 04 Jun 2017

Hi all,

I'm running windows 10, and a friend sent me some files through mega a while ago. I tried downloading them as a zip, and I ran into a problem. I thought that maybe if I redownloaded the zip, it might correct it. It did not, and now I have two undeletable, untouchable folders on my desktop. I could download the individual files no problem, and I've clocked the reason why I can't delete them, just not how to.

So, details.

When I try to delete or open the folders, I get any one of these three pop-ups.

1]: [click here click here click here it's one, or the other, or maybe two, one straight after another. Very occasionally, it says it can't be touched because another program is using it, but I have no clue what could be doing that. I took a look with task manager and saw nothing unusual. I wasn't able to get that alert this time, so whatever it is isn't running now.

As I said, I've figured out what's up with the files. For some reason, when I was downloading it, it didn't download as a .zip, but as a (.) file.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Just rename them!" Tried that. No good. They're still defiantly there. I've run virus checkers, deleters, unlockers, defragglers, running cmd as admin, nothing.

Essentially, I have two totally useless folders on my desktop. I know why they're screwed, but I can't delete them. Can't move them. Can't rename them. Can't delete them.

Any ideas?

2: 3: href


  q33ny 18:50 04 Jun 2017

Try to reboot in Safe mode and delete them from there. To do so either right click on the Windows button (Right-Bottom-Left default) and select Run, press the windows button and type run or use short-cut Win+R keys, type msconfig, press enter. Go to boot tab and on the Boot options select Safe boot and Minimal and then reboot. In Safe mode to get back to normal boot fallow the same steps but this time deselect Safe boot.

  Just want my desktop back 22:46 05 Jun 2017

Tried the safe mode reboot delete.

I could delete one, but not the other. I could not delete it from my recycling bin, though. If I tried I got this message

[IMG][click here]1 partial success?


  Just want my desktop back 22:48 05 Jun 2017

Ack, sorry, I can't figure out how to post images. The message says: "Source path too long. The source files name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system."

  Ryuzaki Lollipop 12:22 06 Jun 2017

Try this software Unlocker. click here to the given link. Thank You!


  wee eddie 12:44 06 Jun 2017

Try renaming it

  [DELETED] 15:07 06 Jun 2017

If available try system restore.

  [DELETED] 15:30 06 Jun 2017

Best way of using system restore on boot is shown here.

  Just want my desktop back 21:50 06 Jun 2017

I've tried renaming it, it won't let me. Unlocker doesn't work, and system restore doesn't back far enough.

  q33ny 12:01 07 Jun 2017

Save all that interest you from the desktop, downloads and my documents. Create a new user with admin rights, log in with that one and delete this user that creates problems.

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