cant delete file ..permissions issue

  daxian 18:00 21 Dec 2013

hi all ... have a problem with a folder on my external storage drive,when i try to delete it ,it says i dont have permission. on looking at the properties for the folder under security tab ,it shows an unknown account with a series of numbers !!!! i am the only user on the pc and am the administrator ,so why cant i delete the folder and what is this mystery account with full permissions ??????

  wee eddie 19:13 21 Dec 2013

It could be worthwhile rebooting both devices

  Secret-Squirrel 19:30 21 Dec 2013

" shows an unknown account with a series of numbers !!!!"

That's because the drive is formatted as NTFS, and I'm guessing, that the problem folder was created on a different PC. The PC the drive's currently plugged into doesn't know the username that created that folder and that's why you get a series of numbers like that. It's common for file and folder permissions to get messed up like that giving the problem you describe.

To fix your problem, first add the Administrators group to the security properties for that folder by clicking the "Edit" button, then "Add", then type administrators, then "Check names", then click OK. Give Adminstrators "Full Control" and apply those changes. You can then delete that unknown user if you like.

If you still can't delete that folder then you will have to take ownership of it via the "Advanced" button -> "Ownership" tab.

  daxian 14:05 22 Dec 2013

sorted thanks guys

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