Cant delete browsing history in task bar

  night 19:32 14 Nov 2009

Having upgraded to Windows 7, to which I am getting accustomed to, but can't remove browsing history in my address box on the task bar? anyone any idea's and yes all set in tools but it does not remove?

  rdave13 19:45 14 Nov 2009

Click the down arrow in the address bar then click on the red x that shows at the end of the history addresses. Stop when you get to favourites. Close IE8 then reopen. They should be deleted now.

  night 10:00 15 Nov 2009

Hello rdave13, well I have tried your suggestion but so far no go, maybe I have misread your suggestion as I click on the down arrow on the address bar in the task bar at the bottom of my desk top which shows all my visited Web sites but no matter what the settings are in the Tools they will not it must be a fault in Windows 7.

  rdave13 11:59 15 Nov 2009

Not sure I understand having an address bar on the task bar at bottom of desktop. My address bar is on the top of my browser.

  rdave13 12:07 15 Nov 2009

Just found it. Go to the address bar on top of IE8 and click on the small down arrow. Now click on the delete 'red x' found to the right of all addies visited. Stop at favourites and close and restart IE8. You can close the address bar on taskbar by right clicking taskbar-- toolbars-- Address.

  night 17:20 16 Nov 2009

It seems Windows 7 does not remove history one visits using the Address facility which one can have on one's task bar as they do not remove as they should so have removed address box and using the top address line, it seems Windows 7 does not use the task bar Address box as they will not remove Web Sites visited.

  john bunyan 17:29 16 Nov 2009

Easier to use CCleaner.

  rdave13 18:27 17 Nov 2009

In search bar type regedit. Click yes for permission. Follow this route ;

On clicking TypedPaths then on right hand side you should see a list of URL1, URL2 etc. You can right click and delete the URL not wanted.
Close regedit and reboot.
Be careful using the regisrty editor as you can render the OS unworkable if you make a mistake.

  BurrWalnut 19:35 17 Nov 2009

The key is actually HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs

  rdave13 20:11 17 Nov 2009

No, as I've deleted two url's in the taskbar's address bar using the key I posted.

  rdave13 20:29 17 Nov 2009

One thing to watch is that the name (url1 etc) is correct. After deleting a url and logging off and on again it left url2 in place. This won't show in the taskbar's address bar until I changed it to url1. So the names have to be in order.

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