Can't create a "System Image" to external USB drive

  Wiganken1 10:39 12 Apr 2013

My Win7 computer fails to create a System Image to my new Samsung M3 500GB external hard drive which is connected via a USB3.0 cable to a USB3.0 port on my computer. My PC reports that "The backup failed" and "The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)". My system has 8GB RAM and the Samsung external drive (NTFS file system) is recognised by the PC and I can manually read & write from/to it so it is working fine. I believe one cause can be an Nvidia USB EHCI chipset but my PC does not have this chipset. It is an Intel chipset. Microsoft support pages and 976972 are not applicable to my problem. Any suggestions as to how I can copy a System Image to my external hard drive via USB 3.0 cable? Could it be that I need an external drive which uses an ATA cable interface? If so then I have wasted £48 on the Samsung USB device.


  mole1944 14:03 12 Apr 2013

Go get yourself a copy of Acronis and just do a clone of your disc, simples and easy.

  lotvic 14:25 12 Apr 2013

mole1944, You can't clone a boot drive to an external harddrive, unless that harddrive is then going to be put into the pc as an internal to be used to boot from. Usually external harddrives are used to store an image file on.

Wiganken1, how many 'goes' have you had at making the backup image? does it fail every time? did you check there was enough room on the drive for the image? it could also be that W7 was using the external for a background service like indexing or something and that caused the backup to fail.

Have you tried making a partition on the external harddrive to be used specifically for the backups.

  Wiganken1 19:39 12 Apr 2013

Thanks lotvik,

I had several 'goes' without success even though there was plenty of space on the drive for the image. However your advice worked as follows: - a) I uninstalled the Samsung Disk Management software that came with the disk drive so that it wasn't accessing the disk in the background. b) I also unticked the option to "Allow files on this drive to be indexed". c) I also partitioned the drive so that 96GB is allocated for the system image (it only required 75GB for the image). d) I ran "Create System Image" again and this time it worked so everything is now OK.

Thanks again.

  lotvic 20:05 12 Apr 2013

Glad you got it done successfully :)

  mole1944 05:43 13 Apr 2013

Well I use Acronis to clone my main drive to to an external drive and a spare internal drive.

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