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Can't connect to the internet

  natinfo 10:33 20 Sep 2019

When I try to open the internet on my PC, I am told that there are network connectivity issues but I can see that i'm connected to the internet via thew taskbar. I am also running Windows 10. How would I go about resolving this issue?

  Protos 16:35 24 Sep 2019

Are you using a VPN ? I had the same issue while using Surfshark one day. It might be linked to the kill Switch ...

  Giggle n' Bits 22:24 03 Oct 2019

Hello. Which Internet browser are you using please, Chrome, internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox.

  beingdinu 17:16 08 Oct 2019

Confirm other devices can’t connect Reboot your PC Reboot your modem and router Run the Windows network troubleshooter Check your IP address settings Check your ISP’s status Try a few command prompt commands Disable security software Update your wireless drivers Reset your network

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