cant connect to internet

  LivEviL 23:34 19 Jun 2007

righto have home premium and i cant connect to the tinernet its a laptop a fujitsu siemens on its connecting to wireless router but its not the interner. when i try to ping it, it doesnt do any thing i have Ipv6 disabled when i change the ip address in IPv4 to say gateway and subnet mask and then a IP address it pings the router ok and can get into the router interface (altho im haveing problems with that at the mo read sitecom router in networking) but nothing else!

its a sitecom WL-120 wireless card i believe i have the correct drivers and the router is a WL-118 cheers

  Forum Editor 00:36 20 Jun 2007

1. The router is set up and connected to your broadband service using the router's default settings, is that right?

2. Can you connect to the internet if you connect the laptop to the router via an Ethernet cable?

3. Did you install the Sitecom software on the laptop before you inserted the wireless card?

  LivEviL 20:43 21 Jun 2007

1.right my router is all sorted now! my router is set up all perfectly with my ISP and has the latest firm ware

2.trying right now, will let you know

3. erm yeah i think if u include it in the upgrade! as i upgraded from xp to vista HP

  LivEviL 22:05 21 Jun 2007

yeah it works with the ethernet cable but not wireless!

  Dipso 22:20 21 Jun 2007

How did you resolve the firmware problem LivEvil?

  Ashrich 22:59 21 Jun 2007

Have you tried using the built in wireless connection on your laptop ? assuming it has one of course , although I would imagine that all but the most basic have built in wireless for the past 3 years or so .


  LivEviL 23:22 21 Jun 2007

no ita a wireless card sitecom WL-120 for somereason the wireless didnt come built in :-S

Dipso- i reset the router for 10 seconds and then reinstalled the router. can anyone go throught the process of how i should set up a wireless connection just so there isnt any thing iv missed i.e what the properties should be on the wireless, should IPv6 be enabled ect

it also says when its connected to the network that the connection is local and limited and that is unidentified.

  Ashrich 23:07 22 Jun 2007

What is the make and model of you Fujitsu Siemens laptop ? Did you install Vista on it yourself or did it come with it ?


  Ashrich 23:08 22 Jun 2007

Sorry , forget the install question , I just noticed that you upgraded ....still like to know make and model though .


  LivEviL 12:06 25 Jun 2007

its an amilo L300
i think

  LivEviL 12:09 25 Jun 2007

when i go to my ip config in cmd i get a weird ip address and sub net mask

and no gateway

if i put in my gateway of in network connections it will have the correct gateway but still the wrong ip address, why does it do this?

also when i try to ping it doesnt pingit it pings the ip address 168.158 ect

any ideas?

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