can't change windows acc from standard to admin

  Eliza Kubulina 13:18 14 Apr 2017

Hello, I accidentally changed my account type from administrator to standard and now it doesn't let me to change it back. There shows up User account control with a question Do you want allow this app to make changes to your devices? and only one answer option No. Any suggestions how to change back? I have Windows 10.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 14 Apr 2017

click here

enable the hidden admin account and use that to change your accound back to an administrator account.

  Burn-it 16:32 14 Apr 2017

Or boot into safe mode which uses that account.

  Eliza Kubulina 15:23 10 May 2017

Sorry about answering late but I am not able to do that. If I want to run command prompt, it (user account control) asks me to log in with my admin username and password, but there's no place where I can write that! It offers me one option to click - no. The same pops out when i want to troubleshoot sound problems and etc.

  Eliza Kubulina 16:14 10 May 2017

by that i can't make any changes - enable hidden account, boot safe mode etc. - because i have to be an administrator. what an irony - i have to be an administrator to change my profile from user to administrator!! :@

1]: [click here

  Eliza Kubulina 16:17 10 May 2017

oh i lost text for my previous comment - i want to add that you can scroll down in that website to see screenshot of what always pops out, only there is no option yes.

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