can't back out from pdf page websites

  poover 13:39 11 Mar 2015

Can someone tell me how to go back from an open PDF website when there is never a "back" button at the top left of the screen? I am working in Windows 7 and the only way to come out of these websites is to click on "close" at top right of screen. This closes all windows and takes me back to Desktop, so I have to re-open Explorer and start searches all over again. There are more and more of these sites now and it is so time consuming having to start from scratch every time.

Any advice would be appreciated!



  lotvic 16:33 11 Mar 2015

When you click a link on a website to open a .pdf it should open in a new Tab. Your original page will still be there in the first Tab.

Are you using Internet Explorer 11?

Are you familiar with the Tab function?

  poover 00:00 12 Mar 2015

Yes,I am using Internet Explorer 11. The problem starts from this. When I enter a topic in the "search" window and click on search, I obviously then get a list of websites dealing with that subject. As I scroll down the list there are quite a few relevant sites which actually open as PDF. Having got the info. I need I then can't back out from these sites to return to the search list. If I go to the top right to "restore down" then I only have desktop remaining (no other windows behind it!) instead of the search lists. There are no tab choices to just come out of the PDF site and be back on the search results list. All the "normal" sites function with no problem, just click on "back" and I'm back to the search results, but with the PDF sites the only way out is clicking on the "X" in the top right hand corner. I can right click all over the screen but still no "back" button or any other way out apart from closing the window, which closes everything!

Any ideas?

  rdave13 01:25 12 Mar 2015

In IE select tools, internet options, Tabs tab, in the Tabbed Browsing Settings check the buttons are selected for 'Always open pop-ups in a new tab' and 'A new tab in the current window' is selected.

  lotvic 12:27 12 Mar 2015

You will find the Tabs 'change how webpages are displayed in tabs' setting in the General section, click on the box 'Tabs' and new window opens where you can change the settings as per rdave13's post.

A quick way to open a link in a new tab is to use the wheel on your mouse as a button. You hover over the link and press/click down on the wheel.

And there is the rightclick menu: hover your mouse cursor over the link to the .pdf and rightclick and on the menu that comes up you can choose to open in a new tab, new window etc.

  poover 15:10 12 Mar 2015

Nope! Just tried selecting all the suggested boxes and still the same result. When I click on a website in my Internet Explorer search window the website opens up as a completely solitary window, with no other tags or windows behind it. I can click over & over again on the white "return" arrow in the little blue circle at top left of screen, and it still remains on the same screen. If I click on the small "close" cross in the small white name of website box at top left of screen then it just closes the website and leaves me with Desktop.



  lotvic 17:41 12 Mar 2015

So what happens when you hover cursor on the link and click with the mouse wheel? Does the link open in a new Tab?

Ditto for the rightclick mouse, what happens? do you get a menu opening with choices on?

  poover 00:43 13 Mar 2015

If I hover on the link and click the mouse wheel, it does the same as the two close window crosses (left and right at top of window), and closes the window to just leave me with desktop again. If I right click on link I get the drop down menu (9 or 10 options) but the close tag and close tag group options aren't live (highlighted?) so can't be clicked on to select (yes I have tried!). And as said before, clicking the "return arrow" in the small blue circle at top left still leaves me on the same window.


  rdave13 09:25 13 Mar 2015

Right click on a blank space near the tabs and select the command bar. Once showing you can click on the home button to get back to your home page.

I use foxit pdf reader so that opens when I need to read pdfs rather than within IE.

  lotvic 18:21 13 Mar 2015

"If I hover on the link and click the mouse wheel, it does the same as the two close window crosses (left and right at top of window), and closes the window to just leave me with desktop again."

That would suggest you are clicking on the Tab header and not on the link to the .pdf in the list of search results. Are you getting the 'hand' icon when you hover your cursor on the link to the .pdf ?

Another way, Try this and see how you get on: To open a new tab from a link in the list of search results on a webpage, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and on mouse leftclick the link, now take finger off the the Ctrl button. Tell us if you now get a new Tab opening with your .pdf displayed.

  poover 01:07 14 Mar 2015

Yo! At last we've cracked it! Tried all suggestions and eventually found that I didn't have a command bar! Following advice I managed to find it and put it in place. Still found that using the "home" function on command bar would return me to home page but not my search list window. After experimenting with the mouse wheel advice, I was able to open up as many new tabs as the times I clicked the mouse wheel, but on opening the link I still could not back out! After about 90 years of trial and error I found that having created a new tab with the mouse wheel, I then have to go up to the tab bar and open the website from there. Doing it this way I can now close the new tab and be back on my search list!!

Thanks ever so much you lot, all that help is much appreciated!!

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