Can't add applications to firewall exceptions

  dirkgently25 09:48 15 Nov 2016

Hi, Since the last Win10 Pro update I have had an issue where a few programs (such as Chrome Browser, Steam Client, VLC Media Player) have startup issues. I get the message that "Google Chrome has been blocked by Windows Firewall, click here to unblock". I understand that for first run that the exceptions list doesn't contain some programs, so I go into the firewall manager. I am happy with how to add an application to the list of exceptions, but for some reason whatever changes I make don't "stick", they are lost as soon as I leave the firewall manager. Similarly, if I turn the firewall off it stays off for 2-3 seconds only and then resets to "on" - even while I am looking at the firewall status page. I have used Windows Support, where they have taken remote control of my PC. They have gone through the same processes as I have and then they get to the point where they want to turn off the firewall on startup. However, this means rebooting and ultimately losing the connection with the tech at the other end. They give me a login link to continue the session, but I always get returned to a different tech who wants to start the process again. After 4 tries and around 6 hours of this I am looking to you guys for inspiration! I currently have windows defender turned on, but windows firewall turned off (from startup). I do not now get any programs blocked (as the firewall is off) but this doesn't seem like the ideal solution and I still regularly get "Are you sure that you want xxxx to make changes to your PC? (User Account Control)" so don't seem that much better off. One other fact that may or may not be relevant, when I email Excel spreadsheets from my work computer to my home email and try to open them through outlook I get an error. To access them, I need to download the file to my PC, File > Properties > Unblock each time. I had never had to do that until recently so am wondering if the two issues are connected.

Any ideas or thoughts gratefully received!

Specc: Windows 10 Home Premium 64 bit (upgraded from Win7) i5 750 processor 16Gb DDR3 RAM Gigabyle P55-US3L motherboard 2Gb NVidia GeForce GTX960 GPU 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, 4TB HDD, DVDRW PC connected directly to router, but router also connected to a Powerline System (TP-Link TL-WPA4220T KIT)

  dirkgently25 16:51 21 Nov 2016

Update: after the most recent security update I can now change the firewall exceptions. However the firewall is turned OFF by default (instructions from Microsoft tech). I remember that I disabled it from a startup list that I got to from the "Run" command line (as opposed to through security>firewall settings>turn firewall on/off etc). I don't remember the command that I used - I though it was mscsvc or similar, but I don't want to mess with commands that I don't know!

Thanks in advance

  Burn-it 00:50 23 Nov 2016

They should not have turned it off at all. At the most they should have given you their address to add -temporarily - to the allow or exception list and removed it when they were done.

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