Can't access Facebook via IE9

  Paul33 22:30 10 Jun 2012

I upraded from XP to Win 7 at the weekend, after which I can't access facebook in IE9. It just hangs and won't load ..... no errors, just waiting and waiting and waiting and nothing appears !

I have cleared all IE9 settings/cookies/temp files/etc but it still just hangs and doesan't load.

Any ideas because this driving me nuts ?!!!

PS: All other websites load just fine !

  northumbria61 23:04 10 Jun 2012

Have you tried using another browser - ie: Firefox?

  Paul33 08:11 11 Jun 2012

Firefox will load Facebook but usually only after a hesitation of 15 seconds or more so not over convincing. I can't find any other website in IE9 or Firefox that doesn't open instantly. I have 30MB broadband and a clean install. I have no spyware/adware so this is a strange one.

  northumbria61 10:46 11 Jun 2012

It could be an add-on that is causing the problem -

Try disabling ALL add-ons - reboot and see if any difference - if so then re-enable each add-on one at a time.

  Paul33 14:00 11 Jun 2012

Tried that - most of the add-ons were AVG related - made no difference. The tab just shows the circle thingy going round and round forver and I still have no problem with any other website I know of !

  northumbria61 16:45 11 Jun 2012

Try checking the security level settings and reset all the security zones to default.

If you configure security settings to be too restrictive, you may prevent Internet Explorer from displaying certain Web sites. To determine whether an issue is caused by overly restrictive security settings, revert to default security settings. To do this, follow these steps:

a. Open Internet Explorer.

b. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.

c. Click the Security tab.

d. Click reset all zones to default level, and then click OK.

After you do this, test Internet Explorer to verify that it works correctly.

  Paul33 19:16 11 Jun 2012

Tried that and it did load Facebook straight after ....... but then it went back to refusing to load the page !!!

  northumbria61 08:07 12 Jun 2012

Strange it should happen just for this one site. Normally clearing "cookies" etc. which you have already done usually solves the problem. Something is blocking it - have you checked your Firewall settings to see if Facebook is set to "allow"?

  Paul33 10:53 12 Jun 2012

Its a clean install of 32bit Win 7 Ultimate thats only 4 days old - I haven't changed any values anywhere and everything works fine except access to Facebook on either IE9 or Firefox !

  northumbria61 18:00 12 Jun 2012

Okay - now this usually works if there is a site (and it only needs to be one site) that can't be accessed.

Lets Try this step to reinstall your IE 9 browser :-

1) Go to start

2) run

3) type appwiz.cpl (add or remove window can be seen)

4) Now. on the left top click Turn Windows features ON or OFF

5) As soon as u click on Turn Windows features ON or OFF as small window will pop up

6) Now, u can see Internet explorer 9 which is checked

7) "uncheck it " & click OK

8) Now only ur Internet explorer is removed from your system

9) Now install it again follow the same step

10) Click on Turn Windows features ON or OFF

11) As soon as you click on Turn Windows features ON or OFF a small window will pop up

12) Now you have to check internet explorer 9

13) Then click ok! & wait IE 9 will get install

  Paul33 21:59 12 Jun 2012

How would that deal with the fact that I can't access Facebook in Firefox either ..... or, I suspect, any browser ?

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