Cannot view you tube videos on windows 10

  eysha1 15:06 18 Aug 2015

Since I installed windows 10 I can not see most of the you tube videos and wondered how to correct this. I sometimes get a green screen, a totally black screen, sound stutters or no sound but sometimes some of the videos work so I am lost. Can anyone help on this one please? Many thanks. E.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 18 Aug 2015

nstall the klite codec pack and retry

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:57 18 Aug 2015
  eysha1 11:16 19 Aug 2015

Very many thanks FruitBat. I have downloaded it and have my fingers crossed. will let you know if it doesn't work. Thanks.

  eysha1 12:24 19 Aug 2015

FruitBat, it is still not working on most You tube videos. I am still getting the message 'An error has occurred try again later' Any suggestions to fix it? Thanks E

  HelenHughes 12:53 19 Aug 2015

Hi Fruitbat. I'm following this too and have the same problem and error message as eyesha1. Would also appreciate any further suggestions. Many thanks

  rdave13 17:31 19 Aug 2015

I'm having similar problems. Usually when its the HTML5 payer the video works ok. Flash player I have problems with, or rather my APU has. It's a low quality CPU and with Windows 10, Flash player seems to over work it.

I use IE 11 mostly. On you tube if I get an error then a black screen with stuttering audio I keep refreshing until I have audio working ok. Sometimes the video shows but if it doesn't then I change the view to cinema mode and that brings the video showing and I can go back to default view. Sometimes full screen bring the video playing ok. Using Firefox my AMD APU runs at full throttle but the video loads.

  rdave13 17:38 19 Aug 2015

I should have added that once the YouTube video is playing I can change it to 720pHD and after a little stutter will play the whole video in HD. CPU going from 50% to about 98% and I leave the mouse alone!

  eysha1 18:16 19 Aug 2015

I changed from Google to Google Chrome and some videos I couldn't watch before are playing now but I am not saying the problem is yet solved but thought this might help someone else.

  eysha1 15:30 22 Aug 2015

Still having problems watching you tube videos. I see a lot of green and no picture although there is usually sound - sometimes. Running win 10 on a Toshiba Satellite C850-12L. Thanks in advance

  rdave13 15:58 22 Aug 2015

If it's this model then you have the same APU and graphics I have :(

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