cannot update anything due to lack of disc space

  Graham Bradley 18:37 16 Apr 2018

my Acer laptop has only 28GB of space and I am getting constant reminders (like every two hours sometimes more) to create disc space

All the Windows updates fail because it's saying it needs at least 8GB

I attatched a memory stick and put 5GB of videos photos, etc. on that and changed the settings so that all the temp files went to the memory stick and not to Acer (C:) and deleted some apps

but the Acer (C:) is still only 330MB from being totally full and still all the updates are failing

how do I use the memory stick to free up some space it doesnt seem to have made any difference - its 28GB

thanks for any suggestions

  john bunyan 20:10 16 Apr 2018

What is the disc capacity? Use CCleaner, tools to delete all but the latest restore point.

  john bunyan 20:15 16 Apr 2018
  lotvic 21:25 16 Apr 2018

Interesting article in the Guardian about how to manage updates and storage on 32GB netbook click here

Seemingly you can put a SD card in and use that to install programs to and also use an External Hard Drive during Windows Updates.

  john bunyan 21:31 16 Apr 2018


Even on a 500 gig Laptop I have put in a 128 gig micro SD as a continuous back up. The built in slot is ideal. Does the OP’s Acer have such a slot I wonder?

  Graham Bradley 01:47 17 Apr 2018

£Even on a 500 gig Laptop I have put in a 128 gig micro SD as a continuous back up. The built in slot is ideal. Does the OP’s Acer have such a slot I wonder?"

here's a slot for intel and a slot for a memory stick

is micro SD what I should be using? Transferring 5GB of suff to the memory stick has not made any difference to that fact that the (C:) disc space is completely full - I have a feeling I'm either not transferring it to thed memory stick or not deleting it from (C:) afer putting it on the memory stick

I'm all out of ideas!

  wee eddie 13:27 17 Apr 2018

Graham, what Model are we talking about?

Give us sufficient information to allow us to identify it on Acer's website

  Graham Bradley 01:55 18 Apr 2018

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name LAPTOP-94A56CH2 System Manufacturer Acer System Model Aspire one 1-431 System Type x64-based PC System SKU AO1-431106D1.11

hope this can help?

  Graham Bradley 18:36 21 Apr 2018


if I do a factory reset will it update Windows?

  AroundAgain 19:23 21 Apr 2018


Before you reinstall Windows, back up your drivers - click here best way, imo, to upgrade Windows 10, and to clean install, is to download Media Cereation Tool and then download Windows 10 Fall Creator update, from here - click here

Presumably, you have 32-bit so select the 32-bit version. Follow instructions etc.

If you put the drivers onto the same USB stick, after downloading Win 10, you should find they are loaded automatically during the installation.

Good luck


  AroundAgain 19:28 21 Apr 2018

PS A factory reset will bring your laptop back to it's original state BUT you will then have to do all the updates.

The method I have suggested above is a 'cleaner' version of Win 10 and much more compact

Once you've complete either Factory Reset or re-installed Fall Creator, any non-MS apps can be installed on the MicroSD drive, if you put a card in, thus saving you some space on C:\

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