Cannot right click on anything on desktop without it freezing.

  retep13 14:36 02 Jan 2013

I am running win 8 on Athlon 64 x2 dual core 5200+ and an M2N-VM1394 Motherboard with a 160 GB HDD. When i try to right click on anything on the desktop, i just get the blue circle and nothing else. i try task manager but there are no problems to stop. Can anyone tell me what is wrong please. Thank You

  BlairStent 08:35 03 Jan 2013

Have you tried starting the system up in Safe Mode - does the problem still exist when running using the Safe Mode option?

Have you made any updates to the graphics drivers, or installed any new programs recently?

Does the blue circle appear when you right click on the icons on the desktop, the desktop background, task bar / clock etc?

What were the last programs you installed before you noticed the problem. Also include any programs you installed without restarting the machine (not sleep / hibernate, a power off and back on, or actual reset)

  ciscodisco 14:40 03 Jan 2013

I also had this problem and it usually happen when you upgrade to Windows 8 from a previous version.

It’s more than likely the driver for your graphics so ensure you have the latest driver updates. These can be downloaded from either the computer manufacturer’s website or the graphics manufacturer- ATI/NVIDIA.

  retep13 17:03 03 Jan 2013

Hi, I tried all suggestions with no luck. I then reinstalled Win XP and then Win 8 on top of that, then i reinstalled the programmes i had been having problems with and everything now works great. Thank You for all the help Pete

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