Cannot Remove Incorrect Password From Login Scree

  morddwyd 12:45 30 Oct 2018

When I fire up my HP All in One I find the password field is already filled with dots.

Seems to be no way of removing this obviously incorrect password as backspace doesn't work and the screen is locked. Tried both hardware and OSK, though when using the latter I mote that the Windows key shows as having been pressed.

Any ideas?

  john bunyan 11:04 03 Nov 2018

Have a read of this , hope it solves your problem

lock screen

  kokoki 15:10 03 Nov 2018

I highlight the dots and press bacspace and that clears them, this doesn't worry me as I feel it is an extra security precaution for anybody trying the access my site url=[click here url=[click here My iPhone[/color][/url] url=[click here

  morddwyd 09:23 04 Nov 2018

It appears one of my previous posts didn't make it (anyone else having problems?).

The problem is solved; it was a faulty wireless keyboard or its dongle. Removing the dongle cured it.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

  morddwyd 12:24 04 Nov 2018

I'll do a bit of experimentation later on to try to locate the fault.

I'd noticed when trying to use the OSK that the Windows key was showing as pressed, which gave me a clue to look at keyboards.

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