cannot open .txt email attachment

  fitzgeraldfong 01:12 11 Dec 2014

I have Win 8.1, 64 bit. I received an email with a .txt extension, and when I open it I get a page of scrambled hieroglyphics . The sender couldn't help. (??)

Can anyone advise me how I can get this document converted to something readable?

Thank you for your attention.

Roger (real name)

  StephenCrossland 01:27 11 Dec 2014

Couldn't tell you what's happening with your .txt file. Would suggest a pdf file. Can be created in openoffice: click here

Good luck. s.

  alanrwood 10:07 11 Dec 2014

Do you mean you received an email with a ".txt" attachment,

You don't say what your email client is. It sounds as though the attachment is not being decoded and converted back from its "mime" 7-bit format to a normal 8-bit txt file. If so the above suggestion will also not work.

  fitzgeraldfong 08:14 12 Dec 2014

SOLVED, and thanks for the responses.

At the bottom of the email, where the attachment fixhp.txt is listed (Thunderbird). I R-clicked and found a . So I saved it to desktop and changed the name there to, and it opened.

As it turns out, the info on the attachment was outdated.

  fitzgeraldfong 08:16 12 Dec 2014

edit: R-clicked and found a save as clicksy....

  alanrwood 10:50 12 Dec 2014

You could have r.clicked and selected open. Can't see how changing the file extension to xip would help as zip files are compressed and not readable until unzipped.

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