Cannot log in to Gmail in windows live mail

  mivec 12:18 13 Sep 2018

All of a sudden I cannot log in to gmail in windows live. Error message says 'server rejected my log in'. I have tried many online fixes but they do not work. I have deleted and reloaded the account but now cannot download any imap folders. Any help appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:08 13 Sep 2018

I have tried many online fixes..............

I have a few ideas but first you'll need to summarise what you've tried already.

  mivec 08:20 14 Sep 2018

Hi, I have tried the following. Reset password Deleted and reset the account. Ensured imap selected. Checked to allow all apps. Ran windows live repair. I have another gmail email address and that seems to be alright.

  mivec 08:49 14 Sep 2018

Sorry Squirrel but it works on my iPhone but not on windows 8.1 laptop.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:26 14 Sep 2018

Checked to allow all apps.

Do you mean you've enabled Gmail's "Less-secure Apps" feature? It's an essential requirement for most desktop email clients. Here's a link if you need it.

Do you have Google's "2-Step Verification" turned on? If you have then your regular Gmail password won't work in most email clients. In that case you'll need to generate an "App password" and use that instead in Windows Live Mail. Here's another link for you.

  philipmorgan 00:31 15 Sep 2018

The problem is happening not only with you but also with many, and with me also. I was trying to sync my HP support assistant account with the Windows live mail server, but can not sync that. IT says there is something missing in that.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:14 16 Sep 2018

How are you getting on Mivec?

  mivec 10:20 16 Sep 2018

Thank you all for your help. Without doing anything else the problem has rectified itself and now the email is working fine. Strange but true!

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