cannot install win 7 on maxtor hd?

  theDarkness 19:47 09 Jan 2010

Its a Maxtor 6Y160PO ATA133 DiamondMaxPlus, I was going to test 7 on this old system (1.8 athlon, 1 gig ram, 32bit, dirx 9 compat seperate video and sound cards).. but windows states "cannot install to this computer as your hardware does not support booting to this disk" and "unable to create a new system partition, or locate existing one".

the drive is formatted, 152Gb of empty space, master, no partitions. do i need Maxtor controller drivers in order for it to work? I cannot find any on the official site for this model, and win 7 on installation could not find anything on the Maxtor hd CD that would help either. thanks for any help.

  a member 19:55 09 Jan 2010

you say formatted ,what did you use to format and what options did you select .

  a member 20:08 09 Jan 2010

although thinking about it installing windows 7 on such a low spec system could well put you off the os for good . I would try to create a primary partition on the disk at the beggining ,it should not matter what software you use you can even create it in fat32 if you want as long as its primary .then .win 7 will simply offer you the chance to format it (ntfs ) during the install cycle . I have not heard of windows 7 refusing to install to these older drives ,and they work ok with cd/dvd drives (same interface) there is no need for additional drivers ,I would guess that either there is a formatting error (incorrectly formatted) or other hardware is not up to spec ,not a very good explination from win 7 , it could be a number of things really.

  theDarkness 21:42 09 Jan 2010

thanks for the reply

i can format the hd within xp, although the 7 installion also gives me the same option to delete partitions or format (i dont have to change to fat32 to make the options appear in the 7 installation). I have tried to create a primary partition with the hd connected as master, both with and without other hds connected, but everything makes no difference. "your hardware does not support booting to this disk" keeps popping up. i thought it might be a compatibility issue and I would need drivers for my system or 7 to recognise the hd.

browsing the Maxtor cd-rom i got with my hd, the driver folder suggests that my hd uses a 'Promise Ultra 133 IDE Controller', although im not sure if i need a more updated one to get 7 to recognise my hd, if i am understanding this correctly. I can select the xp one straight from the disc (the Promise files do actually pop up when the 7 installation browses my Maxtor disc).
The Promise website however seems to suggest that only Vista has updated controller drivers at the moment.

do i simply need more updated controller drivers that may never happen, or a different IDE hd altogether?

  a member 22:02 09 Jan 2010

I have a pair of these drives raided(0) with windows XP ,vista and windows 7 on ,I dont remember any of the OSs asking for additional dribvers eccept XP that needed raid drivers installed via (f6) at setup to install raid drivers from floppy .

  theDarkness 22:06 09 Jan 2010

I thought it was because it was quite an old hard drive, 160Gb, and the only updated driver at the moment was for Vista click here

  a member 09:17 10 Jan 2010

I think the ata drivers are standard in all OSs including win7 ,The board I have (gigabyte) has promise controllers ,but only for the raid ,If I was not using raid I would simply deactivate the drivers in the bios and windows would use the in-biult ata drivers.

  Zeppelyn 19:47 10 Jan 2010

How many hard disks are installed in the system?

If more than one then set The Maxtor as master, make sure the BIOS sees it as master then start Windows installation from the DVD. Choose custom install and delete all partitions on the disk then point the set up to that disk and let it format the disk.

Forget about those drivers you mention, thats not the problem.

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