cannot install Linux by usb or dvd on windows 10

  DerekL 15:26 06 Mar 2019

I am having trouble trying to install any Linux distro to dual-boot with Windows 10 latest build, I have installed linux on a bootable usb stick 32GB using Rufus and other boot installers, disabled secure boot etc. When I rebooted - the grub menu appeared, I pressed try distro, the start screen appears and after a few seconds Windows starts booting, the same thing happens when I try installing using a DVD, can anybody help me please

  Belatucadrus 22:41 06 Mar 2019

Which Linux distro are you trying to use ?

  DerekL 15:09 07 Mar 2019

Hi I have tried Ubuntu, Linux Mint, PCLinux, Linux Lite and Fedora. They all show their respective start screens but after about five seconds the screen goes blank and windows starts booting. I have tried them all on VirtualBox and they all install no problem

  Belatucadrus 15:42 07 Mar 2019

Sorry, I've encountered a similar effect when trying to install Mint Cinnamon on old kit, usually find trying an older Mate distro as an alternative works. The fact that yours work in Virtualbox seems to indicate it's a different problem, not one I've come across.

Have you tried asking on one of the Linux forums as the user base of Tech Advisor is mainly Windows based. Maybe a more Linux bias team will be advantageous ?

  DerekL 16:20 07 Mar 2019

Old kit as you put it, my PC is only about two months old, thanks for replying I will try a Linux Forum and see what they come up with - thanks again

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