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cannot get windows to boot up

  Petesilver 18:48 24 Jul 2013

perhaps someone can help me?? I cannot get window to boot I get as far as windows starting and it stops and go's back to the beginning, I get a message sometimes saying with 2 options windows repair or start normally I have tried the repair option but it says it cannot repair the problem. as it appears it might be the MBR I have run my windows repair disc it said the was an error and repaired it but is hasn't I also have tried my system mech drive emergency disc which said almost the same thing, so I can't think of what to do next. I do have partition Image backups so I am ok on that front. I cannot get into windows at all not even safe mode. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Peter

  Petesilver 21:31 24 Jul 2013

What I would like to know is as a last resort I could restore my PC to the factory Settings (then I could restore with a disc Image) but does restoring to factory settings restore everything ?? including like the MBR and startup options. I have just realised that I did upgrade to W8 at the beginning of the year but did not like it and restored back to W7 with a disc image I took before installing,I am fairly savvy understanding windows but things like MBR i'm lost.

  northumbria61 21:53 24 Jul 2013

does restoring to factory settings restore everything ??

Yes, factory settings restores it to the day it came out of the factory - ie: as a new PC.

  Petesilver 22:21 24 Jul 2013

Thank you "northumbria61" if thats the case I think it might me my best course of action, as I do have several recent disc images on ext/HDD so all I have to do is install my "acronis true image" program on pc and restored an image and I will be almost up to date hopefully regards Petesilver

  Petesilver 23:47 24 Jul 2013

Yes already tried that I can load the acronis recovery and even restore the partition but after windows will still not was doing something with acronis that caisef the problem in the first place,I do have them on the case but all they recommend are things I have done already which is why I asked the question about restoring to factory settings. Have use acronis for years and rescued me whenever I needed it.

  Petesilver 11:34 26 Jul 2013


As things stand, the only option I seem to have left is to restore to Factory Settings which I can, hoping this will solve the start up problem then restore a backup image I have on an external HDD. I now seem to have exhausted all my options using my windows recovery disc and the internet advice, but nothing works. There was one message on one recovery option I tried which said..... "operating system version is incompatible with start up repair" This made me think because in January I did upgrade the system to Windows 8 did not like it so recovered system using Acronis image I made and every thing has been fine until I use Try & decide for the first time last week and the problems started. So perhaps somehow start up has been really corrupted and is trying to boot into Windows 8 which isn't there and is why the MBR repair thinks its OK ? As i have said having run all repair options it still will not start it gets pass bios but when it gets to "starting windows" it stops, no message nothing, just goes back to the beginning and tries to start again. So before I take the step of recovering to factory settings can any one advise me if there is any other course of action I can take other than restoring to factory settings. Best Regards

  Press Man 11:48 26 Jul 2013

Take a look at this it may help? click here

  Petesilver 19:52 31 Jul 2013

Just thought I would close this thread, nothing worked to get my pc booted, not even to factory settings,so I have reinstalled Windows7 from the beginning I have the drivers ect on disc or ext HDD and I am quite please as it has all gone very well there are a couple of things to sort out but in general I am almost back where I was before, Except on the way I realised what a lot of unnecessary programs I had before and didn't need so my pc is leaner and faster. I would like to thank everyone for their comment and help. Thanks again Pete

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