Cannot extract .cab files from new PC games

  joeyc410 15:03 22 Apr 2017

Hi all. I've been trying to extract .cab files from PC games so I can find the audio files from the games and import them to iTunes (and convert them to .wav if necessary). I have two brand new games. The discs are in great shape, no scratches etc... When I try to extract the data from the .cab files with not just WinRAR or WinZip but literally any extraction program, I get a message that says something like "the archive file is in either an unknown format or is damaged", or "cannot open archive" etc... I am wondering if by chance, both discs somehow have corrupt files on them, or if there is some kind of protection being placed on the files to keep them from being opened? The games are from 2001-2003. They run perfectly fine when I play them, but I can't get to their files. I do have auto-play disabled on my computer because I rip other standard audio CDs with a specific program. Does that play a role?

Thanks for any assistance!

  Jollyjohn 16:25 22 Apr 2017

Can you find the audio files from the installed game folder on the PC, not the cd and copy from there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 22 Apr 2017
  joeyc410 22:35 22 Apr 2017

Thanks for the reply. I tried to extract them but they are in proprietary formats. It's likely that the files cannot be converted to .wav because there are no programs in existence that can read them. I appreciate your help.

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