cannot enable virtualization in bios

  kmuhehe 10:02 17 Dec 2016

I have a HP Compaq dc5800 microtower,Intel(R) Pentium(R) dual core. As I am.installing a virtual machine, am required to enable virtualization in bios, unfortunately even with f10 setup under security- security system, I can't proceed. Enabling hyper v in windows 10 displays"cannot be installed, the process does not have required virtualization capabilities" please help. Am creating virtual machine using VMware workstatio 12 player.

  Jollyjohn 10:56 17 Dec 2016

Have a ,ook click here and see if your CPU supports virtualisation.

  kmuhehe 13:01 17 Dec 2016

Thank you jollyjohn.sadly, my computer doesn't enable virtualization. Does it mean that I can't create a virtual machine whatsoever? I wanted to use genymotion emulator which must run alongside a virtual box. Or is there any other emulator other than remix player,bluestacks and youwave that can run without a virtual box. In my case, bluestacks and youwave won't play most of my favorite games while remix player doesn't even start. A solution to my problem would be either to: a) find an emulator that can be installed without a virtual box support or b) enable virtualization(unfortunately my desktop can't be virtualised) ....any further help pliz....

  Jollyjohn 14:37 17 Dec 2016

Having looked at the specifications for your PC I am surprised you have managed to get W10 running on it, well done.

You could look into the possibility of upgrading the CPU to one that supports Virtualisation. Would need the exact model of Motherboard and would need to confirm that "Enable Virtualisation" is an option in the BIOS. A BIOS update may help once CPU upgraded.

Did the games you want to play run under W7? If so I would consider a roll back to W7.

  kmuhehe 15:46 17 Dec 2016

Currently I am dual booting between windows 7 and windows 10. None of them is is able to play the games( note that the games are apk, that I intend to run in the emulator- am using bluestacks player emulator currently) exe games are playing excellently on both W7 and W10. Maybe I need to do a CPU upgrade, does that mean I need to replace some parts or use a software to upgrade? Few hours ago I downloaded ' bios update sp53609' and ran it. From windows explorer, I used the flash method to upgrade bios but nothing seemed to have changed after the upgrade. So is it a hardware or software upgrade? Thanks a lot

  Jollyjohn 16:35 17 Dec 2016

It would be a hardware upgrade of the CPU

  kmuhehe 08:44 18 Dec 2016


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