Cannot download files or programmes.

  The Bard 16:40 25 Sep 2012

I have W7 and use Firefox. When I try to download programmes or files from links 50% of the time they download OK, other times nothing happens.

  lotvic 11:43 26 Sep 2012

That could be because the files are no longer there to be downloaded. A lot have been removed because of USA regulations.

Could you give an example of one so we can try it and see if download works for others? Tell us which page and which link on the page.

  The Bard 12:29 26 Sep 2012

Download Accelerator Plus is the main problem - it appears to download and install OK, but does not actually work. I have had the same problem with (UK) emails where links to online files also do not work. I have scanned with MSE and Malwarebytes which found no 'nasties'.

  lotvic 10:55 27 Sep 2012

You could try uninstall/reinstall DAP. Also, Found these on FAQ

Why doesn't Download Accelerator Plus trigger some downloads from Mozilla's FireFox browser?

First open Firefox, click on Tools and choose Add ons. Find the Download Accelerator Plus Integration and verify that it is enabled. Then make sure that DAP is set up for integration with FireFox - Click the Tools menu in DAP's main window then click Options. Choose Advanced and make sure the Mozilla/FireFox Integration option is selected.

If the files still aren't downloading, use the Download Basket feature. Go to the Tools menu and select Download Basket. The Download Basket will appear. Then just drag the file links from the FireFox browser into the Download Basket. Why is DAP failing to connect and start downloading? Please make sure you checked the following:

  1. Firewall – If your Internet connection is configured with a firewall, make sure the firewall is configured to allow DAP full access through it.

  2. Proxy – if your Internet connection is configured to use a proxy, click on the Tools menu, then Options. Select Proxy/Firewall, and then Use HTTP Proxy, and if necessary Use FTP Proxy. Enter the same proxy address and port you use for your connection

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