Cannot delete folder on desktop

  maiduguri 08:41 01 Apr 2018

Good Morning, and Happy Easter

There is a folder on the desktop of my wife's windows 10 PC that I cannot delete,

If I left click on the folder, entitled Mirror Image, message says folder empty, but if I right click on the folder then left click on properties it shows that the size is 175 GB. This amounts to approx. 70% of what is on the hard drive.

I googled this problem and have tried all the suggestions, including trying in safe mode.The last thing I tried was: CMD C:\Users\Catherine>cd /d C:\Users\Catherine\Desktop C:\Users\Catherine\Desktop>dir /x

The file in question has the short name of MIRROR~1 C:\Users\Catherine\Desktop>rmdir /q /s MIRROR~1

When I press enter nothing happens. No further text, Nothing The cursor is flashing but I am unable to enter anything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:25 01 Apr 2018

First back up your data to another drive as its too big for the recycle bin and when its gone its permentantly gone.

2nd try Unlocker to delete the folder

  wiganken2 13:06 01 Apr 2018

Hopefully Fruit Bat's answer works for you but to stop it happening again first look at the properties again and see when it was created. You may then be able to remember what you or your wife did at that date/time that caused it to appear. You may have installed or run some program that created it. If you can identify how it happened then you can make sure you do not repeat it.

  john bunyan 14:53 01 Apr 2018

It may be a back up that , somehow, has got onto your desktop folder . Mirror usually refers to a mirror copy of a drive made using a programme like SynchToy or Freefilesynch. If you have a back up elsewhere I think the desktop file is redundant. FB has suggested a way of deleting it

  maiduguri 14:15 02 Apr 2018

Hi John I tried Fruit Bat's suggestion about Unlocker, but it did not work. I also twice tried checking and repairing today, and each time it took about three hours. On both occasions it got stuck on 17% for about 150 minutes, then restarted without providing any report/results. I am still unable to delete the folder. The folder contains a mirror image of my own pc which I used Carbonite to create and I stored it on an external drive. I placed a backup copy on my wife's desktop last December. The strange thing is that it should be 220 GB in size, but when trying to delete it, it says the size is 175 GB

  john bunyan 14:38 02 Apr 2018

You way have to use Powershell to delete it. Wait for more expert suggestions and have a read here

Delete large files

Have you tried opening the folder and deleting sub folders in turn via windows explorer ? Just another suggestion: If you have a spare external drive, maybe create a 250 gig partition then move the unwanted desktop folder to it, then format the partition! I think powershell is the way to go but do wait for more expert advice.

  wiganken2 14:42 02 Apr 2018

So it's a copy of the mirror image of your pc but stored on your wife's pc? Maybe try "taking ownership" of the folder before trying to delete it? It may not work because it seems that the folder, at only 175GB instead of 220Gb, is corrupt. If it was created by Carbonite then can Carbonite be used to delete it?

  wiganken2 16:07 02 Apr 2018

Also try this free program click here

  wiganken2 17:48 02 Apr 2018

Sorry, I don't think that the Wisecleaner program deletes folders. It only deletes files. So look here instead click here

  john bunyan 18:20 02 Apr 2018

Fruit Bat already suggested Unlocker.

  maiduguri 19:27 03 Apr 2018

Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions, but none worked. I have however found a solution. I recently subscribed to Acronis True Image 2018, which backs up not only files and folders to the cloud but also the contents of the hard drive - mirror image . Discussing this problem with their support team I was advised that there is a facility to exclude any file/folder one chooses. I have therefore started a full backup of my wife's PC excluding the folder said to contain 175 GB. When this is done I can reformat her hard drive and then reinstall the mirror image. This will not have this obstinate folder on it.

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