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Cannnot Update from windows 1903 to latest version

  WILLYCARSON 21:42 13 Feb 2020

I keep on getting this error, tryed everything but it does not work click here

  WILLYCARSON 21:43 13 Feb 2020

The link is safe

  x13 22:03 13 Feb 2020

Have a look here.

  mrgrumpy 11:04 14 Feb 2020

When you are trying to do updates do you mean you are told download/update failed.

If yes then write down the kb number of the item that failed and go to the website on my click link.

click here the top right corner you will see a empty box , type the number of the patch or download you cant download or install , don't forget kb in front of the number.

When you click search you will see a list of all the different operating systems and builds that the downloads have been made for.

DISCLAIMER..... it is your responsibility to make sure you download the correct item.


  wee eddie 11:47 14 Feb 2020

As a matter of interest

How big is your Hard Drive and how much unused space is there available on it?

  Brian Hamilton 11:48 14 Feb 2020

No mrgrumpy, the OP gets the error below when trying to update to the latest Version of Windows 10.

  mrgrumpy 12:06 14 Feb 2020

Hi brian I recognise that screen from about 6 months ago this is what a lot of people did at the time.

right click the icon to the internet to the left of your speaker icon , click on change adaptor options , right click your internet connection icon and choose properties , click on internet protocol v 4 to highlight it then properties , on the bottom half of the page you are looking at now , click on the button use the following dns , now in the first box you need 8 8 8 8 and in the second you need 8 8 4 4 , finally tick validate settings before exit .

  Brian Hamilton 13:08 14 Feb 2020

You are indeed a dangerous 64 year old.

  mrgrumpy 16:16 14 Feb 2020

why am I dangerous brian.

  x13 16:38 14 Feb 2020

The OP hasn't said what has been tried so will follow with clear-softwaredistribution and then suggest updating manually from here.

  wee eddie 18:00 15 Feb 2020

I was just wondering if his Hard Drive had insufficient space to download the whole update

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