cancel user accounts keep coming back

  v1asco 08:23 04 Mar 2013

I have successfully cancelled a couple of user accounts in W8 but every time I reboot one other cancelled account keeps popping up.

I go back to remove accounts and any other accountsd page and it is not there.

Can anyone help please?

  v1asco 20:18 12 Mar 2013

180 views and no suggestions. Is this a record?

Basically, the machine boots up with user account A saying password is incorrect. I can then switch to account B, which has full administrator rights, and it all works fine.

But there is not trace of account A in the user accounts and other accounts removed the same way have been permanently removed. Why is A haunting me?

  rdave13 23:48 12 Mar 2013

Try enabling the hidden administrator account, click here. Forget the Enable the account if you can’t log in anymore section.

Using the hidden admin account either change the password for A, so you can log in first, see that all is ok, then go back to hidden admin to delete A as it might now be corrupt if you still can't log in. MAKE sure the B profile (account) is not a standard admin (not tied to a Microsoft account), before you try this. It might make a difference.

As you have the hidden admin running I would create a new admin account and call it something like 'support', with password and not use it unless you get a problem with account B. It's always advisable to have two admin accounts in case of profile corruption.

Once you've sorted the problem make sure you disable the hidden admin account for security.

  v1asco 19:09 27 Mar 2013

Thank you.I will try this but at the moment other things have cropped up.

  v1asco 01:20 28 Apr 2013


Finally got around to trying your suggestion but no success. I am away for a few months now so the family will have to put up with it!

Thank you

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