Can you divide files into TV and Movies in the Videos App?

  plusman 09:24 17 May 2013

If you select the Videos app from the Metro screen, and then select "my videos", you can choose to view all, movies, tv or personal files.

In my library I have divided my own files into TV and Movies (using Explorer), and can see all of them intermingled when I select "all" or "personal" on the "my videos" screen. However the "movies" or "tv" lists are empty except that I am invited to look at shows in the Xbox video store.

Is it possible to divide my own files or store them in such a way that they can appear in their respective tv or movies lists on the "my videos" screen (and if so, is there a specific format that I need to have them in, so that, for example, I can group episodes of tv programs together into series, and so on) or is it just for movies and tv programs that I have downloaded form the Xbox /Microsoft store?

many thanks for your help

  rdave13 16:28 17 May 2013

Bear with me for this one. I created a folder called "My TV" and put a single video file in it. Right clicked and used the 'include in library' link and selected the video library. On opening the tile it showed the video.

Now I created another folder called "My Movies" and this time put another FOLDER in it called "Video 1" and included the original "My Movies" in the Video library. Now in the tile, when first opened it shows most of the videos, however, when I click on 'my videos' in the tile it shows the single video file and the FOLDER called Video 1.

If you haven't gone to sleep yet, lol, what I'm saying is you need to create a folder for the library and then paste another folder in it with the name you want to show in the tile. So it's a folder called TV1, then paste another folder called, say, My TV, pasted into the first folder. On opening the tile, selecting my videos, you'll see a 'folder' called 'My TV'. You can do this for different movies in different decades etc.It's a matter of using two folders.

I hope I haven't confused you :)

  plusman 14:00 21 May 2013


Many thanks for the suggestion. I have changed my folder structure and your suggestion seems to work (once the PC has finished re-indexing all the files). I can now see and access the folders under the "personal" tab.

Many thanks

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