Can Windows "Disk Clean-up" be replaced?

  wiganken2 10:58 16 Sep 2018

Whenever I use the Windows (in my case Windows 8.1) tool “Disk Clean-up” I usually find that, if one tells the search to include “Clean up system files”, the bulk of the items found relate to “Windows update cleanup”. For example the initial search may find 2MB of files to delete but if one then selects “Clean up system files” it will find another 1 or 2 GB on the second run. This is a good option to have but apparently Microsoft is deprecating this tool. The following article tells us how useful this tool has been and still is: -

click here also use ‘CCleaner Free’ with the add-on ‘CCEnhancer’ to keep my Windows 8.1 PC clean. At the bottom of the ‘Applications’ tab under the “Windows” section there is a “Windows Update *” option which is unticked by default. I have ticked this box to include it in the scan hoping that it does the same job as the “Windows update cleanup”. I know that it implies that it does the same job but does anyone know for sure? Has anyone compared the scan results to see if the same amount of data is found? I know I can do the comparison but I will have to wait around two months before "Update" files build-up again before I can do it.


  wiganken2 12:26 16 Sep 2018

P.S. I know the howtogeek article refers to Windows 10 but the question remains for any version of Windows: - Can Windows “Disk Clean-up” be replaced by ‘CCleaner Free’ with the add-on ‘CCEnhancer’ in the knowledge that it deletes the same files as “Disk Clean-up”?

  KEITH 1955 12:30 16 Sep 2018

I have used ccleaner ever since it came out and as you will have seen it does a lot more than disk cleanup , I have been told there are better programs around but I tend to stick to ones I know I can trust even if they have been around a long time.

IMPORTANT.... NEVER use a program that removes duplicated files , some remove more than they should causing all sorts of problems but more scary is some remove loads of stuff without even stopping to tell you what it has found and then its too late and in a lot of cases system restore wont help you.

  alanrwood 09:56 18 Sep 2018

Looks like MS are not going to give us the choice. there is an article on saying that Disk Cleanup Utility will be removed from the October update and replaced by some new fangled idea of using OneDrive.

  Govan1x 15:03 18 Sep 2018

2 updates from Windows last Tuesday and another 2 today. Disk clean up is still there.

  alanrwood 15:53 18 Sep 2018

I'm not sure Disk Clean-up will disappear on Win 8.1 as the OS isn't upgraded via updates.

Yes I was referring to Win 10 of course.

Where in Settings is "Free Up Space".

  Govan1x 22:19 18 Sep 2018

System. Storage. free up space.

  alanrwood 09:30 19 Sep 2018

Thanks for the location info. Just trying the function out now. This seems to be a partial replacement of the Clean up function on Disk/Properties/Cleanup. Why MS needs to complicate or duplicate something in Win 10 I will never understand. In many cases it seems like change for change's sake.

  wee eddie 09:39 19 Sep 2018

I still use CCleaner. I know that there is a bruhaha about the new owners eavesdropping, but Microsoft is already doing that, so I don't really have a problem. p.s. If people really believe that those "Turn it off" Buttons, do turn it off, they are more naïve that it first appears

  alanrwood 10:19 19 Sep 2018

Yes I agree that Disk Clean Up is far too slow.

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