Can Windows 8 App Store Access Be Blocked?

  TylerDurden7866 08:18 19 Nov 2016

I would like to block access to the windows 8 app store on my sons lap top in a way that will not enable him to unblock it. I would like to delete the app store if possible or at the very least password protect access to it. If I simply disable it he can enable it when he uses it. Is there a way of doing this?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 19 Nov 2016

Back up the registry before apply in changes

then try:

disable store via the registry perform the following:

Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)

Navigate to HKEYCURRENTUSER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\WindowsStore (if the WindowsStore key is not present then create it)

Create a new DWORD value named RemoveWindowsStore and set to value 1

Log out and then log in for the change to take affect

Via Group Policy navigate to User Configuration\Policies\Administrator Templates\Windows Components\Store and set the Turn off the Store application policy to enabled.

If you try and launch the Store a notification that the application is blocked appears and it will close.

  TylerDurden7866 11:39 19 Nov 2016

Thanks for the reply, is it possible that this setting can be easily undone once I apply it? What I am ideally looking for is something that not only disables it but makes it almost impossible to enable it without doing a full system reboot.

  TylerDurden7866 12:48 19 Nov 2016

Also how do I navigate to User Configuration\Policies\Administrator via group policy?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 19 Nov 2016

to switch on alter registry value to 0 and log out and back in again.

If your using win 8 home forget group policy editor

  TylerDurden7866 13:53 19 Nov 2016

If switching it back from 1 to 0 is all it takes to unblock the app store then I am afraid he is going to figure that out by doing a quick google search. On the old computer which run Vista I installed strict settings on firefox including blocking access to other browser sites and proxy filter sites. My theory being that no matter what settings or parental programs I use if he can just download another browser then what's the point. It seems to me like Windows doesn't seem to care what a 10 year old child is able to access, if they did they would make it easier for parents.

I wish I could just completely delete the App Store as I have no use it, is that not an option?

  rdave13 13:55 19 Nov 2016

There's a reg download here that you merge to Disable Store. Easier than editing the registry. Also a download to reverse if needed some other time.

  TylerDurden7866 14:01 19 Nov 2016

Thanks, I did already find that link on google earlier. The unfortunate problem is if it is easily reversible by downloading the other link then there in lies the problem. Its easier with his iPhone because I put in a password to restrict access to the web store and also blocked the browser.

  rdave13 14:35 19 Nov 2016

If you have an account on the laptop why not try the family safety parental control. There's an app restriction available according to this link .

  TylerDurden7866 14:46 19 Nov 2016

Ok Thanks I will try that, it isn't just about blocking questionable material I would also like to restrict the amount of time spent on the interenet as well, especially when it comes to gaming sites or social media.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:17 19 Nov 2016

You can set routers to switch off at a certain time and password protect the settings.

What router are you using?

10appsmanager will unistall the windows store app and many others apps if you don't want them at all.

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