Can receive but can't send mail from Outlook 2007

  IT Phobic 20:20 11 Jul 2007

I'm setting up email addresses using POP3 and SMTP in Outlook 2007 (with contact manager). They are set up on Outlook 2003 on another computer and are working fine.

In Outlook 2007, I can receive mail in but it won't leave the outbox. I get the error message '0x800CCC80 None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.'

Just incase it was due to the antivirus scanner, I turned off Norton 360 email scanner, but it made no difference.

Has anyone had a similar problem and can anyone suggest how to solve it? I'm running Office 2007 on Windows XP.

  lndrtm 06:24 12 Jul 2007

i used outlook 07 as well. what do you have entered in "Outgoing mail server (smtp)" field?

  IT Phobic 08:58 12 Jul 2007

I've used the SMTP address provided by the service provider.

  the old tired one 23:44 12 Jul 2007

In the advanced properties have you checked if you have entered secure server details I was foxed by it and whenn I entered SSL it worked ok.

  brundle 00:08 13 Jul 2007
  IT Phobic 14:14 15 Jul 2007

The information provided in the link by 'brundle' helped enormously and the email accounts now work, thank you.

Even though in Outlook 2003 I had 'My outgoing server requires authentication' ticked and everything worked, in Outlook 2007 I had to uncheck the box.

Thanks to everyone for your responses.

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