can not download W8 updates

  iqs 13:25 24 May 2014

Hi I have jut reinstalled a fresh copy of W8,because I could not download any windows updates.

The same is still happening . I ran the update trouble shooter from control panel,no issues

Its states 100+ updates,but just hangs on the download. After 2 hours its 0Kbs.

Can you please help

Thank you

  iqs 20:18 24 May 2014

Hi, Followed the link and switched the Firewall off,still have the problem with updates

Thank you

  lotvic 21:55 24 May 2014

Windows corruption errors prevent Windows updates and service packs from installing.

You may need to run this command to clean it up so that updates can then be downloaded

  iqs 13:26 25 May 2014

Hi Haven't as yet tried your command line solution. Last night I re-installed W8,then tried to update again This time ,it still didn't show any downloading in percentages,but when I went to switch off the laptop,it stated switch off & update. So I did

This lead to the laptop spending hours reversing the updates and getting stuck in a re-boot cycle

This morning ,the only way to stop this,was to use F8 and action yet another fresh install. This is still happening

Before the below, I will try the CMD line option.

I will switch off updates,and wait for a W8 Image/repair disc I bought from Ebay. The plan is to reinstall W8 from the disc,from in the current W8 environment .

I'm still trying to find the option is the BIOS to allow booting from a DVD & USB drive

It continues :-(


  BRYNIT 15:03 25 May 2014

You could try installing the updates a few at a time as some updates need to be install and the computer rebooting before other updates can be installed.

  lotvic 15:53 25 May 2014

To boot from CD/DVD enable "Legacy Support" in the BIOS which disables UEFI mode. Found that on ClickHere

Can you tell us more about or better still give a link to the W8 Image/repair disc you bought from Ebay. Sounds intriguing.

  iqs 17:35 25 May 2014

Hi I managed to find the Lagacy Support ,and decided to install W7 .I erased the W8 partitions ,made a note of my licence key,and now have a working laptop,with a quality OS :-)

The is below for the repair disc

click here it works

Thanks all for the help


  iqs 17:36 25 May 2014

if the link works ,I meant to say

  [DELETED] 17:44 25 May 2014

It sounds to me that the trial/free software (including the security software)installed by these manufacturers might be the problem. I personally call them junk. Is this an Acer laptop we're talking about? If so restore to factory setting and do the usual. Once windows is loaded and you get to the desktop, uninstall all the junk via programs and features without opening any of the supplied software. Change how you install updates by selecting notify me but let me download and install. Reboot, and then go to Windows update and select a few at a time. Don't connect anything to a usb port while you do this, just use the thumb pad.

  [DELETED] 17:47 25 May 2014

To late I see :)

  [DELETED] 17:48 25 May 2014

To should be Too... :(

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