Can I use windows 7 64 bit

  Eddd 14:59 21 Oct 2009

I have just got my copy of windows 7 professional and now wonder which version to use. I have backed up all my current c drive (windows xp home 32 bit) to a second seperate drive (f) on my p.c. and have a 64bit cpu. If I chose the 64 bit os can I just transfer my backup from the 'f' drive onto the new windows 7 'c' drive?

Also will the 64 bit os recognise the second drive if it has been used with a xp home 32 bit os? as this contains all my backed up files and photo's etc.

  Proclaimer 16:03 21 Oct 2009

recognise your HDD's and files.

You can transfer files back to your C: drive but you will have to reinstall all program files (games, applications) in order to use the program with the new OS.

If you install the x64 bit version first you can run that for around 30 days before you need to activate it. That should give you plenty time to decide if the x64 bit version is better for you and if all your programs and hardware work on that version.

If they don't, start all over again with the x32 bit version and activate that instead. I believe that once activated the key is locked to whichever version you activate the key with, but I could be wrong on that point

  Eddd 17:06 21 Oct 2009

Many Thanks. I was going to wait before activating as you suggest. Fingers crossed.

  dth 17:18 21 Oct 2009

thanks for that - i had the same question

  Eddd 12:56 22 Oct 2009

Right I have now tried windows 7 64bit and have resorted back to installing the 32 bit. Mainly due to the fact that when I tried installing my security software, the system kept throwing up errors with words to the effect of 'something bad has occurred'.
I tried installing the latest download of zone alarm only to be told I had to restart before installation could begin, my monitor then just flickered at about 100mph and couldn't shut down.
I just rebooted and then put in the 32bit disc. So far (12 hours later) things seem to be okay although zone alarm still won't install so I am having to use windows firewall, but have avg free 9 and ad-aware running smoothly.
Also sad to see the demise of outlook express with this version.
Would like to install but only download comes with I.E 6 and windows won't let me install it because of I.E 8.
Why do we do these things? :)

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