Can I use more than one free Antivirus program?

  BallyIrish7 12:01 02 Sep 2013

I am somewhat confused by the question of whether more than one AV program (free) can be used on my Windows 7 Pro.

I have read that having two AV programs, such as Avast and AVG, or Avast and Windows Security Essentials gives better protection than a single AV program: then again I read that having more than one AV program causes conflicts, performance problems and crashes.

I would really appreciate sound advice on this matter please. Thanks

  wee eddie 12:31 02 Sep 2013


Paid or free is irrelevant: One program will see the other as a virus and cause unpredictable results, sometimes screwing up your PC, at other times just leaving you unprotected.

  Nontek 13:39 02 Sep 2013

A great big capital NO!!

Where on earth did you read that having two AV was advantageous?

  Nontek 13:40 02 Sep 2013

Or are you getting confused with Malware programs, of which you can have more than one.

  BallyIrish7 17:53 02 Sep 2013

Thank you folks. Honest, I read that layered Antivirus (no mention of Malware programs) was safe, and advisable. I can't remember where I read that, but I read it in more than one Geeky and reputable web site.

Now I have had absolutely clear answers that more than one AV program is definitely out, for which I do thank you very much wee eddie and Nontek! I now R.I.P Cheers.

  kevinhall 07:32 04 Sep 2013

Not more than one dear. Please dear Use only one register anti virus.

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