Can I sell my copy of w8

  iqs 19:13 04 Sep 2013

Hi, I have reinstalled w7, because I was getting tired of the many issues/ problems with w8. I bought the w8 pro upgrade edition. Would it be possible to upgrade another windows OS with this used copy Thanks

  chub_tor 09:19 05 Sep 2013

As long as it was not an OEM version and you have removed it from the original installation then you can install it on another PC. If there is an issue with Activation then a call to Microsoft will sort it out.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:24 05 Sep 2013

As hub_tor says provided it is not an OEM copy it is yours to sell on if you wish.

  iqs 12:16 05 Sep 2013

Hi, I don't believe it's the OEM version . I bought it from john Lewis for £50 . It doesn't state OEM on the box ,so I assume it is ? Thanks

  robwin 18:20 26 Sep 2013

Hi iqs, Probably not as if you bought it for £50 it's probably or almost certainly an upgrade version of Win8 and not the full clean install version.

  Markgeek2000 09:49 27 Sep 2013

Physically - yes. Legally - no.)

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