Can I retrieve sent emails deleted from live mail by refresh?

  Shemara25 12:20 20 Sep 2013

Stupidly I did a refresh yesterday and didn't check if safe first. So many have experienced my awful day! I lost firefox and all saved bookmarks, my purchased office 2013 was deleted and windows live mail deleted too. I wish I had been warned that important sent emails and saved folders would also be wiped out. I have most incoming messages on my virgin media account but I urgently need restored important emails sent in past week to the windows live mail I use. Please can you give me simple advice of any way I might be able to retrieve?

Do the geeks who write instructions for windows 8 not realise that ordinary people like myself are having these windows 8 refresh problems and why are they not warning of this? I would never have done a refresh if I had any idea of the consequences of my actions. I tried windows help and for some reason unable to submit a question or send them an email so trying this site! Thank you.

  rdave13 14:50 20 Sep 2013

All I can think of is to download Windows Live Mail client via here. You should then be able to set up your account and hopefully, once loaded, you should be able to access your saved folder.

  Shemara25 17:06 20 Sep 2013

Hi, thanks, I did that this morning but a blank canvas apart from my outdated contacts! I found a post on the web of a way to do it but didn't understand the instructions and didn't want to cause any more problems.

  rdave13 17:24 20 Sep 2013

Try logging in to with your email address. If they are saved to the web they could be there. Finally, if they had been on the PC only, try going to file explorer, computer and in the search box top right, type .eml then search. They might still be there but hidden. If you do get a list the titles will be gobbledegook but if you hover the mouse pointer over the top you will get the title. WLM will open them.

  Shemara25 09:42 21 Sep 2013

Can't thank you enough! Outlook now mail, nothing there but the.eml solution worked and I have managed to resend the important lost emails back to myself. A frantic 24 hours that I won't ever repeat! Very grateful for your taking time to post this advice.

  rdave13 11:31 21 Sep 2013

Glad you got your important mail back. Thanks for the feedback.

  mich29 12:15 28 Nov 2013

hi I also very stupidly did the same thing. windows 8 has all these dumb flaws and had I knows I would have never refreshed! its been am absolute nightmare to get my stuff reinstalled. I just cannot recover my sent emails, please please help me. I am searching under computer for .eml but cannot find the emails.

  mich29 08:59 29 Nov 2013

hi the mail box that the service provider has on the web for me only stores incoming mail for 2 weeks. not a single one of my sent emails are on there

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