Can I re-use a win 7 key?

  Gordon Freeman 20:02 05 Oct 2014

Not so long ago I upgraded my win 7 desktop to win 8.1...well, I actually replaced the desktop mobo & a few other components (RAM & hard drive) & also purchased the genuine download and key for win 8, then upgraded that to win 8.1.

Thought just occurred: can I use that win 7 key and original disk to upgrade an old laptop from XP to Win 7?

Or would I need to speak to MS?


  rdave13 20:39 05 Oct 2014

When you purchased Win 8 was it an upgrade, retail or OEM? If OEM or retail then yes you can use Win 7 as long as the Win 7 was also not an OEM but retail.

Confusing I know but basically what I'm saying is if the desktop came with Windows 7 preloaded then you can't use it to upgrade the laptop. If you bought Win 7 as retail or upgrade for the desktop then I can't see why you can't use it. As long as the laptop can handle Windows 7.

  Gordon Freeman 20:44 05 Oct 2014

Thanks rdave13...yes, the desktop came with win 7 pro loaded, and I have the win 7 disk which allows for re-install if required...sticker with serial no. on the case.

The win 8 purchase was retail.

Seems from what u say I can't re-use?...which is a real bummer tbh.

  rdave13 21:19 05 Oct 2014

As you've changed the motherboard on the desktop it sounds like you can't do it. However as 8 is retail I'd be thinking of putting that on the laptop and contact Microsoft to say you had to change the motherboard on the desktop and you would like to reinstall 7 on it. No harm in contacting them. Seems like a mobile number only? . Worth a call I think.

  alanrwood 08:31 06 Oct 2014

What harm can you do by trying. From what you say the Windows 7 version disks you have are just that - Windows 7. If they are recovery disks for the laptop including drivers etc then it won't work.

  Gordon Freeman 11:31 06 Oct 2014

Thanks all. If I decide to try and put win 7 on the old laptop, I'll speak to MS. If no joy, I'll either buy a win 7 disk, or try and take the XP laptop to win 8. Marked as resolved.

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