can i install W7 on my 2nd HDD & keep vista.

  sype 14:33 24 Jul 2009

Can i install windows 7 on my second hard drive and leave Vista intact on my first hard drive. Then pick which drive to boot from as the pc boots up?
Also can i install the 64bit version of windows7 when the vista im using is 32bit?

  GrumpyTrucker 14:41 24 Jul 2009

Certainly as far as Q1 goes, the answer's yes. Many are using the RC on a seperate HDD/Partition so I don't see the full version being any different.

As for Q2, my first response would be yes - the 2 OS are independent so don't share anything other than the boot menu which will be in Vista and loads before anything else. No doubt someone with a bit more knowledge will confirm or otherwise.

  Pine Man 16:28 24 Jul 2009

What you are describing is a dual-boot system and as Grumpy Trucker states Vista will start to load first before asking which o/s you want. This is not necessarily the best way to do it.

As you have two hard drives you may be better off getting a 'boot manager' which appears on your screen when you first switch on and asks you which drive you want to boot from. This has the advantage of both systems being completely independant of each other and NOT changing the MBR on the primary drive.

I have this set up and with my boot manager I press F8 when my PC is switched on and then get a list of drives (not operating systems) to choose from.

  Spark6 14:55 26 Aug 2009

XP Pro on Sata 1, 7 RC on Sata 3, I need a free reliable boot manager. Any recommendations?

  sonyboy 10:30 28 Aug 2009

Acronis is one of the best...but not free I'm afraid....This is the only "free" Manager that looked anything like decent..
it's a very simple basic interface ..I've heard it does the job...and it may be what you are looking here

Have a look at the details on the site and see what you think..I'm sure you already know that Boot Sector changes can leave you unable to access your O/S if you make a approach it carefully and take your time.:)

  Spark6 15:07 28 Aug 2009

Unfortunately your link takes me to which fails to open. Thanks for the try!

  Spark6 15:26 29 Aug 2009

I'm obviously doing something stupidly wrong trying to dual boot the XP Pro and 7 RC with EasyBCD because I failed dismally.
I have now removed the 7 RC drive and installed it in my second machine running Vista. Computer shows Vista on C: and 7 RC on D:. Downloaded and installed EasyBCD on C: but I still do not have a dual-boot facility.
Any advice out there?

  sonyboy 16:48 29 Aug 2009

Hi Spark6...Have checked the link I posted and it works fine when I access it from the Forum "live link" ?
Try googling "" or go Luck !

  Spark6 12:06 30 Aug 2009

I bit the bullet, formatted drive D: and re-installed 7 with C: connected and running Vista. Needless to say, I ensured I had an Acronis backup of Vista beforehand.

I now have a choice, via the EasyBCD boot manager, of Vista or 7 RC. Looking forward to my pre-booked copy of 7 later this year and feeling more confident about it.

  Pine Man 12:32 30 Aug 2009

Good news - only (windows) 7 weeks to go:-))

  Colin 20:18 30 Aug 2009

No special software is needed. I have Vista & W7 on two separate drives. I can press F12 when the BIOS is loading and it shows each hard drive and I can then select which one to boot from. I prefer this as I don't want to get prompted each time I start up/reboot if I'm not changing OS's.

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