Can I have 2 Operating Systems in 64 & 32bit on pc

  qt1923 04:58 14 Apr 2009

I currently have a vista 64bit on my pc. But would also like to have xp 32bit on there as well. Is it possible to have both of them on my pc at the same time? Also would this cause any problems, like slowing my pc down or losing files etc? Is it possible to remove xp if I wanted to without losing any files.

  Jim_F 09:34 14 Apr 2009

It is possible - you would need to create 3 standalone Windows instances and its usual to do this in 3 different drives or partitions.

The Vista boot manager will handle multiple installs if its the last installation (after XP or Win2k) otherwise a 3rd party tool like Vistabootpro is needed - there are obviously other ways round the problem but I wouldn't go there if you're worried about losing data.

The problem with your data is that all NT based versions of Windows store data under user ID's on their own partitions - the best thing to do in my experience is move all user data to a neutral drive or partition - easy enough for 'My Documents' but a little more tricky for mail and this needs to be done for each OS.

As each OS has its own registry all programs which rely on this would need to be installed on each which in itself can start to get tricky - especially if you get updates.

Also remember that (as far as I know) Microsoft only licence one instance of Vista with each pack (32 or 64 bit) even though you may have the software for both so will identify one of your Vista instances as illegitimate unless you've bought it twice.

No - it won't slow the system down but could give you a lot of grief !

  a member 12:05 14 Apr 2009

I do all that and more using HyperOS,
I currently have 11 OSs on my PC and up to 22 are possible using the above HyperOS .
I have windows XP in 32 and 64 bit versions ,also Vista in both 32 and 64bit ,and 3 installations of windows 7 all in 64bit.
all OSs can be booted into , without any fuss , and I can browse and move or add/delete . files on any OS from within any other OS , without any danger .(subject to a little common sense)
I have been using this software since 2003 and cannot live without it now .
Though it takes a bit of getting used to . its well worth having.

  Teaboy 16:55 14 Apr 2009



  Kevscar1 09:42 15 Apr 2009


  Forum Editor 00:08 16 Apr 2009

Like Kevscar I'm puzzled as to why anyone would possibly want to run 11 operating system versions.

  tullie 08:34 16 Apr 2009

It beats me why anyone would want any more than two,maximum.Maybe merlinx could enlighten us as to why,and which operating systems he has installed?.

  tullie 08:35 16 Apr 2009

Oops,he has told us which ones he has.

  Peter 08:54 16 Apr 2009

Why all this, almost hostile, questioning of merlinx's reasons for having "11 operating system versions"?

Perhaps merlinx likes to test software under various operating system versions or needs disposable operating environments to test possibly questionable software.

Whatever his reasons he was proposing a solution to qt1923 original query and does not need to have his own motives questioned.


  tullie 09:14 16 Apr 2009

Dont be daft,its not hostile.

  a member 14:21 16 Apr 2009

Back in 2003 I started using HyperOS , it was a different version then that would run 11 or 22 versions of windows , the idea being that a single operating system grows rapidly in size and can quickly become slow and inconsistant as a result of all the bloat. the idea ... to load several smaller OS,s some cut down with software removed to save size , each OS would have specific tasks ,rather than being all singing dancing and eventually dying OSs .
I had (in those days) on average around 8 OSs from ME , to XP and even run linux .
my smallest OS was an installation of windows ME that was cut down to around 180mb total size. I kept this one for internet access only , and it was blisteringly fast .
these days the OSs are bigger (a lot bigger) but HyperOS still does the job as good as ever , I have accumatated a fair collection of softwares over the years and some will simply not work on vista without problems , as some will not work on 64 bit . also my very expensive pro photo printer will not work on vista or win7 .
however vista is a great os and I like it a lot so I use it for what its good at .
with modern hard drives being so big and cheap I have plenty of room . even with all these OSs installed . also another nice thing about HyprerOS is it can make backups of any of the OSs and copy (clone OSs back ond forth any partition you like .
microsoft doesnt have any liciencing issues , I could have 20 versions of XP installed and it would be perfectly legal as long as its the same base OS . as only one at any one time can be running .
I take no offence at earlier comments ,a lot of people either dont see the benifits ,and others who simply dont understand will dismiss it as useless , not a problem .
HyperOS is not for everyone , but I could not imagine not having it .
it has all I want , multi OS with backups and security .all in one .

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